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Upgrading avionics

Back in business, currently finalizing the panel upgrade with the new A/P.

LPSR, Portugal

That makes sense to me. A modern, yet rational panel.

Only thing: Personally, I would rather not go for the integrated transponder.

Oh, and don‘t forget your ipad in your planning. Do you possibly want to put it in/on the panel in the future? Then make space for it.

Mainz (EDFZ) & Egelsbach (EDFE), Germany

IPad already tnough about it. The transponder, the arrow panel space is very limited, and amonb the things i could have on a back panel, the transponder is the one i can kperate on the GNS or the G3X. The audio panel on the G3X has ljmited functions. Will also have the TOGA button and the smart glide button.

LPSR, Portugal

Wow, very nice panel

In contrast to Bosco I have not made any bad experience with the remote transponder. Works perfectly fine and even in turbulences it is not a problem at all to tune in the squawk. I would have had the panel space but I decided for a “cleaner look” and am still happy with the decision.

What I would consider if it is somehow possible with the existing panel space is to switch the GTN650 to a GTN750 – the price difference is significant but even more significant is the difference in usability and ease of data entry. I’d rather go for a remote audio panel to save space for this.

Two other thoughts:
The G3X can also act as a display for the Garmin EIS engine monitoring as a band on the left side of the screen. You could save the space for the JPI if you use this – I don’t know the cost impact, however.

Esp. If you do not have a GTN 750, you will almost always fly the G3X in the split screen mode with only half of the screen showing the PFD and the other half showing the map (the small map display in the lower left corner looks nice in ads but imho is almost useless in practice). If you position the device centered above the yoke, in such a display configuration the PFD/AI will not be centered above the Yoke – this is not a big problem, but if it can be avoided by mounting the device a bit off center, I would consider it.

Last Edited by Malibuflyer at 27 Apr 19:24

Already bought the 650, never considered the 750 taking into consideration that i can use the ipad for the charts. The arrow is very limited in space.

The EIS was considered but after some thought, being able to connect the JPI to the GNS, was a way to cut costs.

I like the split screen. Did my ppl on the G1000, and i have always considered a waste of realstate that cold be used if splitted.

What i am talking with the installers is the possibility to install the AOA probe on the lateral pitot that piper has for the gear emergency extention.

And i have already payed fot the avionics.

Last Edited by lmsl1967 at 27 Apr 20:47
LPSR, Portugal

Looks very nice.

Personally I would place the GFC500 controller on top. Compare to many autopilot MCPs of larger aircraft.

always learning
LO__, Austria

I would ditch the DME indicator and put the DME display on the Garmin screen.

The reasoning is the cost of a GAD43e and a new LCD screen for the King DME indicator are more or less the same and it is inevitable that the King DME display will fail resulting in you spending the money ether way.

I would talk to your installer about other functions from the GAD apart from controlling DME it can also put the marker indicators on the screen and a whole bunch of autopilot and heading reference functions.

I justified putting in the GAD42e because it would be cost neutral by illuminating the King DME indicator future costs ( and you also know that you will be able to sell the king indicator and recover some money )

A_and_C wrote:

I would ditch the DME indicator and put the DME display on the Garmin screen.

@A_and_C, wouldn’t that require the installation of G500TXi instead of G3X?
Yes, I know that the overall (with install) cost difference is not huge…


EGTR…… yes

G3X already bought and received. I like the GFC 500 on that position, It was initially proposed on the lower left side where the old A/P is installed (going to be removed), it would fit, leave more space for other things on the main panel, but would impact on a possible need for the right side to take actions.

ADF is going away, as well an old 25 MHz NAV/COM radio. As second NAV/COM, there was the possibility to ditch the GNS 430 and install a GNC 255. Again, more realstate available, but investing $5,000 more when I could still have the GNS as a backup!!!!! Not WAAS, and will not update the database, but still a nice tool.

Though also on a GNX 375 instead of the GTN 650, but the smart glide requires a GTN.

Overall, after consulting, there are 159 Ferrari available for the price I am getting the new upgrade :-)

LPSR, Portugal
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