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Ad Hoc fly-ins

Telegram group for ad-hoc fly-ins:

Is anyone interested to have lunch together with us tomorrow the 25th at EGHF (Lee-le-Solent)? We will arrive around 11 UTC. Or, to propose an alternative Diner at EGHE (Scilly Islands).

On Friday we will go to somewhere in the southern part of the UK. If anybody has a recommendation where to go and where to meet, I will check with my friend. We are thinking about going to Oxford or Cambridge, but the plans are not made yet.

EDDS , Germany

@eddsPeter. You are coming to UK and we are off to Quipmer for the weekend


@eddsPeter If you go to the Scilly Islands for dinner, I thoroughly recommend the Star Castle Hotel on St Mary’s. The food there is well worth the price.

Last Edited by I_Love_Flying at 25 May 12:05
UK, United Kingdom

@Rob2701 Great! We should coordinate our planings better in future,;-) Enjoy Quimper.
@I_Love_Flying Coming down from the Star Castle Hotel at the moment. Great view with the sunset from there. Thanks for the recommendation.

EDDS , Germany

Okay Guys, today we are going for Duxford and will stay overnight at Norwich (EGSH). So if someone is interested in a spontaneous meet-up for diner there, it would be great.

EDDS , Germany

@eddsPeter Glad you enjoyed the Star Castle. You couldn’t have picked better weather for your trip to the UK! Have a safe flight, enjoy Duxford & Norwich.

UK, United Kingdom

Saturday we will go to the big sailboat event at Oostende (EBOS), maybe someone will come over during the day to meet. In the evening we head to France, Lille or Nancy.

EDDS , Germany

@eddsPeter Quimper is a super place. Booked into cafe de L’Epee ce soir.


@Rob2701 Great, that you enjoyed Quimper. Hope you had a nice dinner at L’Épee yesterday. Looking forward to meet you in Quimper, when you are coming next time.

EDDS , Germany

I might to LFAT Monday 5th June.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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