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Along the Blue Spruce Routes to the USA


I happy to share my series of blogposts of my recent trip to Oshkosh 2023 via the Blue Spruce Routes in my Piper Seneca III.

Here is my announcement post before the trip:

All feedback and questions are welcome.

Niner Mike

PS: thanks for your inspiration @dan

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Abeam the Flying Dream
EBKT, western Belgium, Belgium

Here is a second blogpost about the details of the trip preparation to Oshkosh by crossing the Atlantic Ocean in my Piper Seneca III.
This post is a little technical as it could serve future aviators as well.
Stay tuned for my next blog post about Day 1: from Kortrijk to Reykjavik.
All feedback is welcome !

Niner Mike.

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Abeam the Flying Dream
EBKT, western Belgium, Belgium

@Niner_Mike thank you for the link will follow closely.

Oxford (EGTK), United Kingdom

Great stuff.

My Mooney flying friend also just arrived back in Austria today after his return from Oshkosh. He used the southern route but at 200 knots the overwater legs were 3-4 hrs. One thing that amazed me was him texting me in flight when very high and far away from any population, for example over north eastern Canada. The limits on cell tower usage must be different there.

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Well done on the writeup of the requirements. It could indeed serve other future North@Atlantic pilots very well.

In that spirit, one thing you should mention though (although you narrowly avoided it) is the requirement for space-based ADSB-out, which currently very few aircraft comply with and which will be a very costly job for just one trip.

It has come in force on August 10th, so just a few days ago for all class A airspace and will come in force in May 2024 for all class B airspace. All other airspaces will follow in a few years. See here for some info.

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Mainz (EDFZ) & Egelsbach (EDFE), Germany

@silvaire : we suddenly had cell phone coverage on the most remote locations but it never lasted long
@boscomantico : i wasnt aware. Thanks!

Abeam the Flying Dream
EBKT, western Belgium, Belgium


Here is the report of Day 1 of our trip to Oshkosh 2023: while we were planning to fly Kortrijk (EBKT) – Wick (EGPC) – Reykjavik (BIRK) – Kulusuk (BGKK), worse than forecast headwinds forced us to divert to Egilsstadir (BIEG). So we got to overfly the full island of Iceland, which was gorgeous !

All reactions welcome,

Niner Mike.

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Abeam the Flying Dream
EBKT, western Belgium, Belgium

Looks like you had an incredible adventure! Thanks for writing it up and for sharing.

EBGB EBKT, Belgium

The trip across Iceland must’ve been very interesting! Thanks for the write up.

Yep, I’m here reading too
Good stuff, brings back some memories… thanks for sharing!

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LSZF, Switzerland
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