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Fly-in to La Cerdanya LECD in October 2021

We’ve flown Germany to Spain in July this year, directly to a small GA airfield. We had to fill in and sign our contact details (veeeeery detailed! Three pages for every person on board) on a preprint, but that’s it. I am not aware that this should have changed by now, but who knows.


aart wrote:

An option would be to look at somewhere else than the Pyrenees. I suppose many of the candidates don’t live near the sea, so we could also do Ampuriabrava LEAP. Fuel available, friendly place and right on the coast. Water still OK to swim in October (for non-Spaniards ), and the well known town of Rosas very nearby. Also a slight advantage for LEAP would be that the chance that weather spoils our party is a bit smaller. In case of clouds the Pyrenees are problematic, and a coastal airport likely less so.

Sounds good and has a higher chance of working out I think.

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LEAP sounds great. If there is no longer the requirement to land in Girona first, I would be in for 22/24.


Called to LECD, LESU and LEAP this morning. No problem to land there from Schengen, just have the customary COVID documentation with you.
For further details on this fly-in, please join the Telegram chat.

Private field, Mallorca, Spain

Hello all!
As Aart said we spoke over the phone yesterday to talk about the new LECD requirements with the new management from Aeroports de Catalunya.

I just spoke with Xavi, the new Manager at LECD and he is eager to welcome us, but has explained me that they are in a transition period were they want to establish new procedures specially for the tow planes that is their main concern now.
They will have a big meeting on October 1st with the new government management, and the regional Mayors of La Cerdanya region and Xavi has asked me to stand by with the planing till that date.

In LECD there is no Jet A and Avgas is pending with the “Aeroclub Barcelona Sabadell” that we might get, otherwise each crew should plan their refuelings pre and post LECD.

Meanwhile Xavi has offered to talk to Oscar, the Aeroports de Catalunya Manager for La Seu de Urgell (LESU) to start planning for a Plan B option, he will keep me informed in the following days,

All the best !


Thanks a million Carlos! Would you join us and could you join the Telegram group to keep us updated?

Private field, Mallorca, Spain

1 h ago, I received the following information from LEGE:

[email protected]

Dear Franz:
All the flights carrying passengers must pass through LEGE in order to pass COVID health control. If there are no passengers on board you can fly direct to LEAP.
Best regards

Jorge Góme


That is hardly any evidence of this beimg a real issue though. In fact, I wouldn‘t believe them before I actually see a flightplan being rejected.

Also, as said, no NOTAM, no restriction of airport choice.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

This is always the same mistake in Spain ……… they only consider Passengers as “Paying Passengers” when in our case we always have to clarify them we are talking about “Ocupants”.

That stupidiy from Gerona is totally unfounded, “Spain as usual”……


Sitia LGST in Greece is playing a similar game.

The Q is what happens if you just turn up…

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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