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LFMA Aix-Les Milles


We are travelling there on Friday from Mallorca and could use some local guidance.

I was planning to cancel IFR and change VFR before the coastline but that means some airspace and terrain negotiation coming from the South perhaps involving overflying LFML, is such a clearance typically forthcoming or else what would be the preferred VFR inbound route coming form the south?

However, having read the AIP apparently IFR traffic is accepted. I have found no IFR procedure other than STAR’s leading to a hold overhead the airfield @ ALM NDB…how does that work? Are you supposed to get your visual landing clearance from the hold or …?

Also for AVGAS the AIP lists TOTAL as available but the AirTOTAL website does not list LFMA as one of their AVGAS locations…can someone local confirm?


Last Edited by Antonio at 26 Jun 12:37
LESB, Spain

I have been at LFMA a few weeks back. On the procedures: I really don’t know. I saw that they do have STARs but nothing else. Probably, someone figured out a way to produce these (in order to ease the transition from “the airways” or so), but the airfield itself is not IFR-suitable, hence no approaches and departures. By all means, I thus treat it as an airfield with visual approaches only (as you will know, you can still file “I” in These cases in France, and you won’t even have to cancel IFR).

On the fuel: the fuel pumps USED to be TOTAL, where you could refuel in self-service if you had the TOTAL card (and had to find someone from the local flight schoor or so to help you out with theirs if you didn’t have one. This has changed in the beginning of this year. The fuel pumps are now operated by some independent entity (possibly the airport) and the machine now takes regular credit cards. Price per litre was 2.03 Euros in May.

Last Edited by boscomantico at 26 Jun 12:48
Mainz (EDFZ) & Egelsbach (EDFE), Germany

LFMA is not a small airfield, you have many clubs and ATO, I would be surprised if they go out of avgas, especially in the summer.
edit apparently the vac chart is not up to date as it refers Total as avgas supplier.

I don’t know for the IFR arrival, but for VFR it is pretty straightforward. Shoreline can be passed at “La ciotat” or near the Calanque (nice to see – you will have LFMQ on your right), then head North over the highway between hills until a tall Chimney in Gardanne, this is a VFR reporting point for CTR entry (2500ft) called AE, and then head to the 260 (you will see a commercial maul, that’s a visual aid – head for “Carrefour”) until you see the airfield farther on your right. You will see it very late as there are hill around, not too high, but sufficiently to delay the moment you see it. Just avoid the prison, before landing on 32. If you land on 14, base turn in along the highway after blue castle.

Last Edited by greg_mp at 26 Jun 12:53
LFMD, France

Thank you both! It seems that the AirTOTAL website is more updated than the AIP.
That is all very useful guidance.
I did not know you could file IFR in France to VFR airfields! I will see what ATC is suggesting and if possible I will be flying the VFR routing via AE…seems like the scenic way in!
I will be reporting differences, if any!

LESB, Spain

I was there two weeks ago.
Fuel is total JET and AVGAS and you can pay with any credit card.
For instrument arrival expect direct ALM and visual approach

LFPT Pontoise, LFPB

boscomantico wrote:

the airfield itself is not IFR-suitable, hence no approaches and departures.

AIP-France says that the airfield is VFR/IFR and there are IFR departure procedures. So I agree that it is strange that there are STARs but no IAPs without any comment that you would have to carry out a visual approach.

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

I think you might find that the STARS and SIDS are there because the airport is set in a complicated mix of military, CAT, and GA zones.. If the military zones are not active then the whole arrival and departure can become a lot simpler, a bit like Avignon LFMV.

Last Edited by gallois at 26 Jun 16:58

gallois wrote:

I think you might find that the STARS and SIDS are there because the airport is set in a complicated mix of military, CAT, and GA zones

There are actually no SIDs, only omnidirectional departure procedures.

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

Well that blows my theory out of the water,:) I was going by the rather complicated SID coming off runway 35 en route to Propriano last week. I have to admit I haven’t been to Aix Les Milles for some time now.

Last Edited by gallois at 26 Jun 20:28

If going VFR through LFML CTR, be prepared to descend 1500ft and know the VRP perfectly, because they will request you to.

IFR, they will keep you high.
From the west or south, often around 5000ft until flying overhead LFML.
You will be cleared to ALM for holding, but as soon as you switch with Aix, they will usually offer visual approach without the hold.
I had to hold once in years, because they had to much traffic.

Arriving IFR from north / east, the ATC usually offer to descend down to 2500ft, if you confirm you have ground in sight.
If ceiling is lower, you could fly down LFML ILS, then fly VFR – 1500ft ceiling would be my personal commitment to fly the last leg.

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