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Toulouse–Blagnac LFBO and Toulouse-Lasbordes LFCL

anyone recently flown to one of the airports.
How about parking /price ? Might fly to Toulouse in 2 weeks.

Thanks for any pierep.


It’s nine years since I was in LFBO, so this is way out of date. But in case none else has info, at least it was GA friendly at the time. Pricing for a few hours stay was about €11 including handling by the airport.

Of course the photo opportunities were priceless

EIWT Weston, Ireland

I was in Toulouse Blagnac the first weekend of May. Arrived from Bergerac, got a 20 mile final to 14R, taxi to the end and park at G where the picture with the Beluga was taken by dublinpilot.

Follow the markings on the ground to a gate where there is an intercom you need to use to call and be told to proceed to the GA terminal.

Departure was just as simple.

Familiarise yourself thoroughly with the ground movement charts so you know where to taxi. Make sure you turn the right way after takeoff (parallel runways). Call ground for taxi after landing and before any ground movement.

Once outside the GA terminal, walk straight ahead to the first or second intersection for a bus stop. You will also find the numbers to taxi companies posted inside the hall of the terminal building.

Around 34 € for landing and a few hours parking. I e-mailed the airport administration for them to e-mail me the invoice.

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Of course the photo opportunities were priceless

Colm, what is this?

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

Airbus Beluga, if that was the question…


Hi Luckymaaa

I flew to LFCL about one year ago, and might be going again on Saturday if the weather’s fine.
The report is here



Hi! Does anyone have a more recent update on LFBO for a SEP?

Also, how does one get from parking G to GA terminal and where is it?

We may have to go there next week .


LESB, Spain

I was looking to pick two friends who landed in CAT, 30€ for landing and 2h park then on your own a long walk to the gates (they had to walk out of comercial terminal to general aviation gate and then to the aircraft with me going out to pick them), also no avgas fuel (+no toilettes, no food ), I went to Francazal instead, same price but 3min to the door

Paris/Essex, France/UK, United Kingdom

Thanks Ibra. We have some business to do at LFBO so if available, it is more convenient, even if we have to walk to the pax terminal.
Avgas manageable for us as we will be flying only the short trip from Barcelona-Sabadell.
Do you know if the GA terminal is next to parking “G” ?

LESB, Spain

Last time I’ve been to LFBO was in September in a Seneca. Total bill was 36.93 €.

The walk to the terminal is really only 5-10 minutes, and from there you have another 5 minutes to the next tram stop.

On the way out, the terminal was supposed to be closed so we went to the main gate (portail C), which adds another 5-10 minute walk. At that gate we were told that the GA terminal was also opened for some business jet, so we would have done better to check with a short phone call.

ATC always very efficient.

All in all I can recommend using Blagnac if it’s in your general area that you need to get to.

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