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Thanks Peter for inviting me.

I like the no frills interface and the fact that it is moderated. In most forums, the thread topic is lost after a few replies and people start with their private war against some forumites.

Do we have a section for improvements? - It would be good to put the ICAO designator to airfield as it makes it easier to search. EDDN vs. Nuernberg - Nürnberg or Nuremberg


United Kingdom


Good to see you here

Feel free to suggest improvements in the threads, as you wish. I suppose Hangar Talk is a good place to put a general "Improvements" thread.

Are you thinking of an "Airfields" section, where comments could be added under a sorted list of ICAO codes?


Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Sorry. Yes I meant the airfields section. I'm always unsure of French accents (aigu, circonflexe, grave and tréma)

United Kingdom
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