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Sunday Flight around Munich ...

Not having flown for weeks due to illness and bad weather I had to make a short flight at least today when the Munich Int’l METAR finally showed “CAVOK”. Since it was already 13:00 Z i decided to circumnavigate the Munich Airort comntrol zone, have another look at Munich downtown from the Air and go back through the Munich Airport.

Some pictures, and a short movie …

G-YORC in front of its hangar

Hi from EDML ;-)

Climbout runway 25

The small town of Moosburg. In WWII there was prisoner camp here … AFAIK Bob Hoover spent some time in it after the Nazis had captured him.

Heading twds the west to circumnavigate the EDDM control zone in 3300 ft (limit is 3500 here)

The northern parts of Munich.YOu can see the Olympic tower and the stadium in the center of the picture and the main BMW factory to the left of the Tower

The very Center of Munich, from 3300 ft

“Munich Tower, G-YORC … (…) … ten miles south, 3000 ft, information Yankee, request midfield crossing Hotel Foxtrott routing” …

(Approved) …“G-YORC, Munich Tower, where are you based”? …“G-RC, based at Landshut”, “Romeo Charlie that’s a nice airplane” :-)

“Rome Charlie, hold south of runway, cross southern runway behind landing A330 on short final, report in sight” … “in sight”.

“Golf Romeo Charlie, care for a 360 around the tower?” … “That would be nice, Rome Charlie” :-)

After Crossing the northern Runway. “Romeo Charlie, leave via Foxtrott, squawk VFR”…“Thanks for the great service” …“Anytime, bye!”

Did some airwork in 6500 ft …

Final Approach EDML, rwy 25

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Last Edited by Flyer59 at 24 Jan 16:54

Nice photos! The snow looks lovely :)

EIWT Weston, Ireland

I have not done 360s above an airport like that since SFO in the early 2000s… In Europe they normally keep all light airplanes well clear of such airports. Departing IFR from LFPN (Toussus outside Paris/Versailles) or LFPT (Pontoise, still in the Paris group) the PTV SIDs take you overhead LFPO (Orly) at 5000".

Nice site-seeing


Munich Airport, The Berlin Airports, Hamburg, they will all let you do this if they have the impression you know what you are doing. I even got a a radar vectored sight seeing through Berlin plus a low approach to Tegel airport at midnight once!
Out of maybe 50 times I asked the EDDM tower they only denied it once (“too much traffic”)

A fellow ultralight pilot claims to have done so over EBBR Zaventem – choosing his moment carefully in early afternoon, and carrying a mode S transponder. Must have been lucky, though, to get cleared. Kudos to the Munich tower staff for offering freely!

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

It’s funny, but every second or third time I ask for a midfield crossing only they offer a lower approach or circling the tower. And since my field is only ten miles away they will also let you use the ILS to get below the clouds. But I only did that once.

Today was funny :
Golf Romeo Charlie, care for a 360 around the tower?” … “That would be nice, Rome Charlie”

A Lufthansa Pilot in Approach: “Why do you let him do a 360 and we can’t”
Me: "I think you’re too big…. "
LH: “I can do it one time”

All very relaxed and fun.

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Wow nice, I can only imagine. Seems like a nice small playful trip.
Mostly I avoid these big airports, but next time I will ask also to go overhead. I do make frequently a low pass @ EBLG, but that’s all and it’s a small airport.


And by the way: or some seconds you can see the Emirates A380 at the holding position of 26L in the video!

Crossing EHAM with a 360 round the tower is a frequent occurence here. Big difference in the weather though with thick fog all day. Jealous.

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands
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