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Looking for a mentor, up to CPL/CFI, in Switzerland

Hi, I’m currently very close to my PPL, aiming for CPL next but I feel a bit stuck with the flying part so I was hoping if anyone finished PPL a couple of years ago, or is training for EASA CPL/CFI (or already got there recently), and can help me with some guidance.
Even better (but not necessary) if you happen to be in Switzerland or nearby Zurich so we can meet-up and I can buy you a drink or two.

Thanks in advance!

Last Edited by The99percenter at 23 Nov 13:02

Sure, I’ll be happy to help if I can. Sounds like you’re on a learning plateau, which would be absolutely normal during training. This happens to most students at least once before earning their license to learn. I’ll send a DM with my contacts.

Thank you very much, sending a DM right now!

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