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Scandinavia information

Hi all,

I’m embarrassed to have to ask but the search function didn’t help a lot as I have too little information to go on.

A while back, a link to a website or document was posted containing all sorts of useful information on flying in a Scandinavian country (can’t remember which one – sorry). As I’m planning on doing a bit of a tour of Denmark, Sweden and perhaps Finland, I’d really like to find this.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance!

If you can remember some unusual words or terms from the posting, use (uppercase) AND between them e.g.

Also, clicking on the Search button (even with nothing in the box) brings up the next option where you can enter the name of the poster, if you can remember it.

Search details

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Maybe it is this one? It’s for Norway though. Just click on one of the links.

The elephant is the circulation

Nothing easier and more enjoyable than flying in Scandinavia (on a nice day)


LeSving wrote:

Maybe it is this one? It’s for Norway though. Just click on one of the links.

That’s the one! Didn’t remember it was for Norway though.

Thanks a lot for your help!

I can put you in touch with people at Silhan Airpark. They have some visiting pilot accommodation there. Fantastic place with a brilliant aviation museum and even their own brewery on site !!


Let us know a bit more about your plans, aircraft etc.
Then you can get a lot of tips here for your upcomming trip.

ekbr ekbi, Denmark
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