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Recommendations for US insurance (for G-reg)

Thinking of crossing the pond next summer in a DA42. The insurance of the plane does cover all the way to greeland, but refuses to insure Canada & US.
Does anyone have any similar experience?
Are there good Canada / US brokers you’d want to recommend?

You can get it. It’s a matter of negotiating a bit. Using an insurance agent won’t hurt. I got worldwide insurance for 0,55% aircraft value. Recently I needed to increase third party coverage from $10M to $60M (required at VNKT) and had to change insurer. It’s just a matter of shopping around.

LPFR, Poland

I’m surprised that it covers Greenland. Most European covers stop at Iceland. Greenland does require standard EU coverage levels.

I got a single trip extension from Visicover at a reasonable price recently. But I gather that they now have new underwriters who are a bit more conservative.

US insurers rarely cover non-US based/registered aircraft.

This list is of some insurers who have previously insured RTW flights.

KHWD- Hayward California; EGTN Enstone Oxfordshire, United States

It has been confirmed the insurance covers Greenland. IT doesn’t cover Canada & US, and the current broker (Haywards) said that they can’t get us (me + 2 other pilots) insured as we’d “need to have done several NAT crossings before”. Going to and flying around Greenland is fine though, go figure!

I’ll have to shop around a bit more. Possibly restricting to Canada only if needed, as I suspect it’s due to a question of in-court liability.

Noe wrote:

the current broker (Haywards) said that they can’t get us (me + 2 other pilots) insured

Time to look for another insurer? I wouldn’t accept such stupidity. Their job is to provide attractive and adequate coverage for what you want to do, not tell you what to do. They can do what you want if you issue pressure. I’ve done that in the past.

Speak to Alejandro Galioto at True Course Aviation – he’ll be able to help you.

True Course

Mind you, he doesn’t do liability only.

If that fails, talk to Tom Hague at Wings Insurance:


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