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Has anyone come across this homebuilt before – the ASSO-X-JEWEL?

United Kingdom

Not sure whether it is the same but there is a French site that features such an aircraft here.

According to the credits at the end of this video it is based in the Grenoble area (Le Versoud – LFLG)

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Hi guys, this is a beautiful machine, 284 kg empty weight, 300 kmh max speed, lighter and faster than hes composite brothers as the millennium master and blackshape,
if you are interested in i can put in contact with an italian builder who worked directly with the original ideator of this aircraft, Giuseppe Vidor,
you can contact me at [email protected]

Hello Everyone
I have recalculated the whole project of the Asso X Jewel and redesigned it.
If anyone needs parts for it, please contact me. You can see the picture parts here:
All my drawings are made in Solidworks and the whole structural and aerodynamic calculation is made with Ansys.
I teach at the university and I have more then 30 thesis on this project.
There are so many errors on the original plans, that I wonder how people make it up to build it… :)
Anyway it’s a great airplane.

Impressive work, AcroCruiser, and welcome to EuroGA

There was a guy here some years ago who I think was building one of these – @Muttley?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom


I’m interested in building one of these for the experimental market in the US.. do you have plans or know where they are available for purchase? And parts suppliers?


United States

I’m also interested in building one in the US. Are the plans or Solidworks drawings available? I think the original plans are available from the person in Canada. They are expensive and I’m questioning them since AcroCruiser mentioned errors in the plans. Any help would be appreciated.


United States

I too have been interested in this airplane…like Steve1961 I’m not keen on the price if the plans have mistakes! And right now the offshoot Tarragon all carbon is beautiful and I drooled all over it at Airventure, but doesn’t fit into my budget. @Acrocruiser, you have redesigned? Plans?

United States

Yes I have everything neccessary from plans to parts.
You can contact me here [email protected] or via PM
There is no way to compare the millenium master/tarragon/blackshape with the AcroCruiser F11AC. If you take a closer look and put one next to the other there is only the tandem configuration which is similar, everything else from fuselage to wing to tail is totally different.

I realise this thread is a few years old however I’ve been searching for plans for the Asso X Jewel and stumbled across this thread. @Steve1961 did you ever manage to obtain plans for the Acro Cruiser from AcroCruiser ?

10 Posts
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