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Registering my Sonex in France

I am a ex-South African and we moved to France 18 months ago. In the container with all our belongings was my unfinished Sonex with a 120hp Jabiru engine.

I am busy finishing the Sonex and already established that the Sonex could not fly as a ULM in France.

Are the any Sonex owners on the forum and perhaps people with knowledge how and where to register an experimental in France.

All info will be welcome


Toreilles, France

Stop now🤚. Go and see your nearest OSAC or RSA group before going any further. You need to build a dossier on which everything will revolve in the future from registering the Sonex F-P to own maintenance, C of A and any changes you make in the future.


@jojo and @vrh may have contacts.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Thank you for the responses. I appreciate it and have sent an email to OSAC

Toreilles, France
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