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Nice people the Dutch

Aeros with the British Aerobatic Academy were off as such lovely weather on Tuesday (:

Instead, on 1 hours notice, flew as P2 in a C208 to Lelystadt yesterday to collect 10 Dutch farmers this morning for a tour of an eel farm in the UK.

My passport expired 19th Sept but rang Immigration there before take-off and got the ok as being flight crew. When we got there P1's passport had been pinched from the pocket when the aircraft was away for the last 6 weeks for a service.

But they let us in being the Dutch. Nice guys :)


Offcourse we are nice :-)

Stubborn .. maybe.. Open minded .. offcourse

Over the centuries the Dutch have always been nice... we used to be traders... Better to be nice and speak your languages .... :-)

p.s. how is your Dutch coming along?

Hm. Sorry but you had better check your own English, especially the spelling of "of course", before querying other people's level of our little provincial language.

From another historical trading country just slightly southward.

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

From another historical trading country just slightly southward.


(just kidding Jan!)

EGTK Oxford

My only problem with the Dutch is that they don't let you try to speak their language, they insist on showing how perfect their English often is. :p

United Kingdom

The Dutch are so nice they invaded England a few hundred years ago :)

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

Aha, but the English have not always been so keen on us Dutch. If I may quote sir William Batten

"By god", says he, "I think the Devil shits Dutchmen"

Always makes me laugh...

EHTE, Netherlands

Ik spreek nu meer woorden dan ja, nee, alstublieft en dank u. "Ik ben cockpitbemanning".



And if the above is wrong, blame Google translate


If Chaucer is to be believed - and why shouldn't we! - there were times when the English were not so keen on us, Flemish, either; especially not the weavers and traders of woollen cloth. OTOH I have no memory of the Flemish invading England, as the Dutch indeed did.

@Jude: I do will blame you, but of course with a broad smile, for even thinking of consulting machine translation - especially from a seller of commercial advertisements. There IS no Dutch equivalent for "cockpit crew", you cannot blame any machine to fail when forced to try. "Ik ben van de bemanning" of "ik ben piloot" will do nicely. The political correctness of the word "bemanning" is yet another matter, upon which I'd rather not enter - waarover ik me liever niet uitspreek.

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium
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