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Transition from LAMP to GMP (Generic Maintenance Programme) in UK

Has anybody owning an EASA type aircraft on UK register already performed the transition to GMP from LAMP using the Generic Maint. Programme Template which the CAA has published on their website or did your CAMO do the work? If you did the paperwork by yourself, did your CAMO approve it or the CAA ? Did you encounter any problems? I'm flying a TB20 on G-reg.

EDxx, Germany

To the best of my knowledge, the requirement to do this has been shelved for the time being.

The work being done by the EASA GA Working Group being led by the French is likely to supercede it.

United Kingdom

Thanks Graham, let's hope they succeed in changing that ...

EDxx, Germany

Sorry Nobbi, not that any of it will make any difference to the end result - a properly maintained aeroplane. Thread running on maintenance and avionics, about, appalling maintenance.

Specifically EASA PART M.

FWIW, I would move to GMP. and personally oversee your maintenance company. That way, at least you have half a chance of them actually doing what you need.

My experinece under LAMP, is that it gets a face wipe, and crucially, manufacturers maintenance schedules, go unattended.

Just my view.

Fly safe. I want this thing to land l...
EGPF Glasgow
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