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King KX165A slow to warm up

Has anyone had a problem with a King 165A that takes about half an hour to come to life?
Is it repairable, or do i replace, maybe Garmin 255 or the KX200 when it comes on the market.

egka, United Kingdom

That is very unusual, having owned a few of these units I am of the opinion they are not King’s finest hour ! So not a unit that I would wish to own long term.

If you keep the unit or fit a Garmin or Trig ( both very reliable ) depends on if you intend to keep the aircraft for the long term.

If long term ownership is expected the new unit choice is dependent on what other equipment you have fitted to interface with your new NAV / COM.

Is the display slow to work and the rest of the radio works right away, or is the actual radio dead for half an hour?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Hi Peter,
The instructor said it was all dead for half an hour, i’ll be going down tomorrow to check for myself.

egka, United Kingdom
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