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Can anyone recognise the adaptor required please

Need to wash the plane but this device has appeared on the only available tap

Some sort of female adaptor is necessary, but no writing anywhere on the fitting

Any ideas please (without asking the management)

Thanks G

United Kingdom

I can’t tell the size for sure without seeing it, but counting the number of balls in that quick release fitting I would guess it’s a 3/4" hole. Can you confirm?

If so this might work

United Kingdom

It looks like a quick connector for hydraulic hoses on an agricultural tractor.
Can you take a picture of the inside.

ESMK, Sweden

This will do the trick.

Berlin, Germany

I have a feeling it’s just an expensive version of the regular Gardena quick-connect hose fitting, available from any garden supply store. The cheap version is made of plastic. Usually, however, the arrangement is reversed: the female connector is on the hose and the male one is on the tap.

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LKBU (near Prague), Czech Republic

Thanks all for your replies, much appreciated

I think that the adaptor suggested bu IO390 will fit and 3/4" looks good.

I would ask to change it, but that could create problems ( for me ! )

United Kingdom
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