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Local flight in Kärnten / Carinthia (Austria), as well as Slovenia and Italy

Last week, I have been on summer holiday in Austria – with the car this time, as it was with the kids, a lof of gear, etc.
Stayed in Kärnten (Carinthia), south of the main Alps. Highly recommended.

There is a small airfield down there, Nötsch im Gailtal (LOKN). One day, I called the airfield manager, to inquire if a local sightseeing flight were possible. No problem it was, so the next day, I drove to the airfield off we went for a nice local flight. I will gladly share a few pics and a video.

The general conditions in the area are very good for gliding. Hence, so you find mostly gliders, plus a few motorgliders and a Remorqueur at the airfield.

We took this Super Dimona. These aircraft are very capable, and thanks to
the turbo, are ideal planes for flying in the Alps. They even use them to tow (lightweight) gliders. The downside is that the bubble canopy makes it really difficult to avoid reflections when taking photos…

Here is a preview of the route we took. This took me into three countries (Austria, Slovenia and Italy) in just over 30 minutes. A very beautiful area.

Just after takeoff, the mountain to the north of the airfield, the “Dobratsch” (2.166m). Villach is just on the other side of this mountain.

This is a mountain range and little ski area in Slovenia, near Kranjska Gora.

After turning west, into Ialy, and into the Kanaltal. Tarvisio ahead.

These are the Julian Alps. Resembling the Dolomites a bit.


From Pontebba, a northbound lead up to the Nassfeld, a ski area and pass over into in the Gailtal in Austria.

This area is surrounded by a few characteristic mountains, way higher than 2000 meters.

Back in the Gailtal, this is the hotel we stayed at (near Hermagor).

Presseger See. Very good for swimming and not cold at all (24 degrees).

River Gail.

The town of Nötsch and the Dobratsch mountain once again.

Final runway 09.

Taxying back in.

Here is the videoclip.

A worthwhile flying experience. Should anyone else happen to be in that area, give the guys at LOKN a shout. These sightseeing flights with the Super Dimona will cost you 2.70€ per minute. You can chose the routing of your liking. There are also several very beautiful lakes in Carinthia, such as the Wörthersee, Millstädter See and Weißensee. Rental of the aircraft might also be possible.

Last Edited by boscomantico at 06 Aug 21:09
Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

boscomantico wrote:

A very beautiful area.

It is indeed, and looks as good a place to fly a sight seeing flight as one would expect! Great photos. Euro 162 per hour is not extremely expensive and its something to bear in mind for ‘next time’

I used to go through the area regularly, typically across the Grossglocker then through Arnoldstein to Riegersdorf, where I stayed in one particular Zimmerfrei several times. The owner had lived in Canada and liked to chat in English. Then I’d cross to Slovenia over Wurzenpass the next day.

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Thanks for the nice report Bosco.
And @Silvaire, never thought I’d read Wurzenpass in a post of yours! Good stuff!

always learning
LO__, Austria

Lovely report, thanks!

I remember driving from Merano northways and ending up on the most interesting pass road I ever encountered, Timmelsjoch. That however is a road best savoured with a capable car or maybe a motorcycle.

LSZH, Switzerland
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