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Lille - Reims LFQQ (in French)

Here is my latest video of a cute VFR flight Lille Lesquin (LFQQ) to Reims Prunay (LFQA) with my group. I was co-piloting this leg.
Warning: it’s totally in French, so you may use it as “A/A FR only” practise …

Vol Lille – Reims

Abeam the Flying Dream
EBKT, western Belgium, Belgium

I was told by a pilot of a PA28 that he was charged more than 100 euro’s for a single landing at Lille recently (from the UK), has anyone else been there lately?

Must be more to it. It’s more like 50€ for an SEP, including a few hours’ parking (flew there in June, see towards the end of this one).

Mainz (EDFZ) & Egelsbach (EDFE), Germany

We are based there and we pay 3.30 eur landing fee. I believe that the charge is 9er for non-based airplanes (without handling). For a night landing they charge 40eur extra for « balisage ».
Its a fantastic deal for us !

Abeam the Flying Dream
EBKT, western Belgium, Belgium
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