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Its not always about flying (help to link relatives with deceased boat accident victims)

This from my friends in AOPA Hellas
Kudos to @MedFlyer for helping.


AOPA is not always about flying. AOPA is a COMMUNITY sharing help amongst fellow members. Today morning (Monday 6/8/2018) we got contacted from a fellow AOPA Austria pilot member with an urgent assistance request. Some friends of his have relatives who this past weekend had a boat related accident in the Greek island of Leros. The result was loss of life. Their relatives from Austria are already on their way to Kos via airline in order to get somehow to nearby Leros island a.s.a.p. Their friend contacted AOPA Hellas to see if any of our members could possibly transfer quickly 3 people from Kos to Leros this afternoon in a light aircraft. The airlift exercise proved impossible with all the hurdles General Aviation faces in Greece. Quickly though, AOPA Hellas members based in Kos got notified and arranged for a speedboat to be chartered this afternoon and transfer from Leros to Kos in an hour’s boat ride the unfortunate relatives close to their deceased family members. May we never be needed again for such unfortunate reasons.

LGMG Megara, Greece

Very good that help was arranged!

always learning
LO__, Austria
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