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Is it ok to apply intumescent (fire resistant) material?

I am wondering what the regs are around application of intumescent substances in critical areas in the cowling? Something like this.

EHRD, Netherlands

This might be relevant. I repaired that stuff myself here.

High temp silicone I don’t recall using.

Legally, this is cosmetic so falls under pilot maintenance privileges IMHO.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

This type of paint finish is standard on Grob aircraft and I think Extra. Intumescent paints are difficult to apply and peeling is not unusual.

To counter the difficulties Grob have changed the type of intumescent paint they use, I have yet to see if it is any better than the last type of paint.

The type of substance referred to in post #1 is commonly used to seal the edges of self adhesive heat protection foil that is sometimes found inside cowlings in heat critical areas.

I can’t help feeling I would share Peter’s opinion in post #2 as to the use of this substance.

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