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Last ever Reno Air Races

Today it was announced that the last Reno air races will take place this year.

Quite obviously the organisers plan on finding a new airfield to host the races, but it won’t be the “Reno air races” again.

Reno Air Races website

I went last year, on the Sunday, and I’ll be kicking myself if I don’t go this year as it’s the last opportunity.

Anyone else planning on visiting?

Last year was pretty bad weather, and I was right at the front of the crowd when the L-29 crashed, so that now totals two airshows (or whatever you want to call it) where I’ve seen a jet crash, the last being the Shoreham hunter crash. Still, it was a great event and really different to UK airshows. None of the Navy or air force planes were fenced off, you could walk right up to/under them. Actual low passes right on the deck, not limited to a few hundred feet.

If you do go, get a pit pass. It’s fascinating looking around at what’s there. The Sportsman class especially is interesting, TSIO540s running at 80 inches(!) boost for example. In the sportsman gold class last year, 3 of the 5 competitors had engine failures.

United Kingdom

A friend of mine had one of the Sportsman Class engine failures, yes about 800 HP with that much boost and ADI. I might go this year if they’re moving.

I flew there in a 172 in about 2000 and was glad to have seen it. What you may not realise is that from the grandstand you can see the entire course, not just the part racing past the crowd. Happily there were no crashes that year but I did see an engine failure in a P-51 and learned a little bit about split-second decision making.

The pits were fascinating if you’re into that kind of stuff (I’m not, really – I just like to have a standard airplane that I can afford to fly and go places whenever I want). There were famous people just chatting with the public. But I’ve never been back. RIP, Reno.

PS One of the static ehibits was the Boing 247 airliner – fascinating to see what Boeing got wrong and Douglas got right. On the way home I landed in Central Oregon to refuel and noticed the 247 on the ramp. The line boy came up and excitedly said “Wow! Did ya see that? He went off after them them thar rabbits!”. Apparently there really are only two types of tailwheel pilots- those who’ve groundlooped, and those who have’nt yet.

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EGBW / KPRC, United Kingdom

Never been but now put it on the calendar.

I planned a visit as a group of 4, but two have dropped out so I have two spare tickets with box seating and pit passes for Sunday 17th. Free to anyone who wants them!

United Kingdom

IO390 wrote:

group of 4, but two have dropped out

Mmmmh, that is quite an attrition rate… pity for the tickets, and you guys.
Would have loved to join, as yes, these will be historical races, unfortunately. Nevertheless, enjoy to the max, and try to find out how these RV guys get their speed in the Sport Class… ok, we already know about the use of NOS

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LSZF, Switzerland

IO390 wrote:

Sunday 17th. Free to anyone who wants them!

Bummer! I have to go to NYC on Sunday, otherwise would have gladly taken you up (and shouted you a beer or three…)!

Enjoy, this is a historic event. Had planned on going, but life got in the way.

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