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UK GAR form discussion, and UK border police procedures

Should one expect acknowledgement from HMRC or Police with email filed forms?

EGTK Oxford


Even if they give you an "authorization number" you can consider it a number of receipt.

There is no authorization process. It is a notification system.

Once you have notified the authorities then it's done. It's good to keep a send-receipt of the fax sent to be prevent hassle, and hassle is very rare, unless they have become suspicious of human or goods trafficking.

I have never had any acknowledgement. Occasionally I have seen a read receipt come through a few weeks later, but that's it.


Customs NO

Immigration NO

Special Branch YES - they like to phone you with a "permission number" which is a deliberate perversion of the law which does not require a "permission"; merely a "notification".

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Thanks. Just going through it now. A lot of hassle getting all these forms done for a simple flight to Calais! Then trying to get a validated FL for the return in Rocketroute. I miss already.....

EGTK Oxford

FWIW, one keeps the GARs and just re-uses them, changing the details which have changed.

So if you fly with somebody who flew with you 1 year before, just re-use that one.

European flying involves more hassle than in the USA but with the right tools and procedures it isn't an issue - usually.

I don't think the passenger details etc are ever checked. The only time I ever had a comeback on a GAR (before the flight) was when I flew with my son and a friend of his (both then under 16) to Germany. I got a call from the police saying they need to get the other kid's parent's permission to fly. They said they are now doing the job of the paedophilia protection squad (not quite the words they used) as well as Customs, Immigration, and stopping the IRA coming to the UK from Ireland I gave them his mum's phone number.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I don't think the passenger details etc. are ever checked.

I know that this is not correct: I frequently take overseas students from my University, flying from Rochester for 'lunch in Le Touquet'.
I always ensure that their student visa, passport dates etc. are correct; together with a current Schengen Visa when required. Twice, Border Control has met me on my return to 'check' passports etc. They always moan that it has/will take them 3 hours to travel from Southend to do this. They often, in the process, phone back to Southend to 'check' the passport number - even though it was on the GAR form they received that morning! I thank them for their trouble; but each time, I DO encourage them to check the GAR form before they set off on a wasted journey.

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Rochester, UK, United Kingdom

I thought that the GAR could only be used if only EU citizens were on board?...

Mainz (EDFZ) & Egelsbach (EDFE), Germany

Has anybody on here filed one of these forms and if so has there been any snags or issues?

Farm strip in Angus Scotland

I thought that the GAR could only be used if only EU citizens were on board?...

I don't think GAR has anything to do with where the crew/passengers are from. It is based on the destination. If you need one, you have to file.

EGTK Oxford
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