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Feedback on Gama Aviation

Does anyone have experience with Gama Aviation at Fairoaks Airport, Chobham? Would you leave a Cirrus SR22 with them for an annual?

EDTD (ESGJ), Germany

@wingman I used Gama Aviation to fix the autopilot in my TB20 just before I sold it. I had been looking for someone to fix it for months. They were friendly, have a good setup at Fairoaks and kept my plane in the hanger for almost 3 Weeks while the unit went to the USA for refurbishment!

I would recommend them…they were upfront on costs, and worked to a tight time frame as I had a sale agreed. Nigel the avionics Manager was a nice chap to deal with. I have not used them for anything other than avionics so can’t comment specifically. It looked like they were Working on some very nice aircraft can you go and have a look around first? they were friendly :-)

Shoreham (EGKA) White Waltham (EGLM), United Kingdom

They are also an approved Cirrus service centre.

Avionics geek.
Somewhere remote in Devon, UK.

They used to have a poor reputation but that has changed significantly over the last few years. Being based at Fairoaks, I use them often (not for annuals though) and it’s a good experience. They’re responsive and they know what they’re doing.


I would second what Alex said above, Gama’s Avionic manager has a very sensible approach.

GAMA look after my A36, both routine maintenance and avionics upgrades. They also installed my TN engine upgrade earlier this year.

I’m very happy with their knowledge, experience and service.

Spending too long online
EGTF Fairoaks, EGLL Heathrow, United Kingdom

That’s great feed-back, thank you all!

EDTD (ESGJ), Germany

Do remember to post your experience here afterwards

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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