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EAC (Evolution Aircraft Company) to cease production

Evolution aircraft company ceasing production announced today by bw

KHQZ, United States

Could you point to the source of the information please? Evolution Aircraft is the former Lancair which sold off the rights to the older designs and focused on the Evolution line of experimental aircraft.

Here’s the announcment :


Does that mean “Lancair” is completely finished?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

No, what was known as Lancair (i.e. everything besides the Evolution model) is owned by a Texan company.

What do Lancair actually make and sell these days, which could be operated in Europe? Their old kits (320/360) are long gone (and were anyway fairly limited on what reg they could go on, with PH being popular). N-reg is not viable in Europe, except in Germany, or elsewhere below the radar.

Based on what I have heard about the Evolution (openly, and behind the scenes) I am not surprised they could not find investors. It has a very long way to go to be certifiable. I am not even talking about performance (which may well be OK); I am talking about simple airframe issues.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I have always thought the Evolution to be a ridiculous aircraft, bit this news is not cool. I hope someone take over the production.

The elephant is the circulation

Peter wrote:

It has a very long way to go to be certifiable.

Why do you think it should be certifiable? It’s an amateur homebuilt aircraft, not designed to be certified. According to @Silvaire this part of the market is thriving in the US.

That was their stated objective for the Evolution.

If they want to continue selling kits, why did they extract just the Evolution? The other kits were selling OK. Many said the quality was rather poor (well, compared to RVs, most kits are) but they have sold lots in decades past.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

In order to certify an aircraft, you have to be an approved design organization. You can’t just build something and then seek certification afterwards. Their “stated objective” was therefore not credible.

They might have needed cash and placed a bet on the Evolution and thus sold off the older designs with the spare part business.

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