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CRM and/or MMC

All airlines which would consider new pilots (fresh from CPL/ATPL theory) require a CRM and/or MMC course in the license. I am however confused which one is required, are they being merged now (as I saw in one school) and which one (or both) are required. Does anyone know more details?

Can anyone suggest a training organization in Europe which has a good quality/price value?

LSZH, LSZF, Switzerland

CRM training is company specific and will not be entered in your license. It needs to be refreshed at regular intervals, again following a company specific syllabus. Therefore attending a “generic” CRM course will not help. I know these exist, but they are a total waste of time and money in my understanding.

MCC on the other hand is a requirement for the full (unfrozen) ATPL and for flying multicrew aircraft. Most type rating training organisations now offer to include the MCC training in their type rating course, as do many airlines who perform their own training. Therefore if you intend to join one of these, an MCC course might not be required beforehand.

It’s a somewhat difficult decision: Spend another 3 – 5.000 Euros or so (which is what a good MCC course on a proper airliner simulator will cost approximately) to have the “MCC credit” in your license, which might improve the chances to get employed – or wait until an employer with serious chances of getting a job shows up and do it their way.

My own MCC I got from TFC in Germany (, probably the place where the majority of German ATPL holders have done theirs during the last 20 years.

EDDS - Stuttgart
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