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Crash in Germany PA39 N8977Y

Hi. A friend of mine crashed and was killed yesterday in Germany, he was based in Eisnach. I found this on the internet but I did not understand the most of it. Can someone please provide a bit more insight?



"A few meters after takeoff, the airplane went vertically into the forest. No reason for the crash can be given presently."

Thanks. Very strange.


I am very sorry for you. Very sad. He even had his own website. See here.

't was a superb example of a Turbo PA-39, too.

Mainz (EDFZ) & Egelsbach (EDFE), Germany

This is the website of the previous owner. My friend had another very very nice PA39. About 2 months ago it went into the shop for some avionics work (I think in Halle), when it was all done the shop took the aircraft for a test flight and crashed it, the aircraft was totalled. Then this aircraft was up for sell and he bought it. He was a competent pilot and the speculations to the reason that brought him down are flying around.


I'm sorry for your loss and I understand your need for knowledge, but we have to wait and see what cause will be determined by the BFU.

United Kingdom

Sad to hear, my condolences Ben. There is an update here, apparently he went straight down in rain and bad vis. No cause determined as of yet. RIP.


first of all, my sincere condolences!

would the one lost by your friend a few weeks ago been this one?

Very sorry to hear about this. I understand he was very experienced. To loose one plane and then crash in the next one he buys, both pristine examples by the looks of it, is mind boggling. I do hope something can be learnt from those accidents.

Best regards Urs

LSZH(work) LSZF (GA base), Switzerland

172 driver Thanks for the link but my german is not good enough to understand the article. I will ask my father to translate.

Mooney Driver Yes, this is the one that he had before, lovely aircraft.


My condolences. It is always sad to lose a friend, and more so in such circumstances. Jude

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