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Bonanza operating cost

Would some of the Bonanza drivers on here share their experiences on running their planes? I am especially interested in the comparison to a 200 hp IO-360 aircraft like the Arrow, as this is what I am currently operating (Socata ST-10).

My co-owner and me are (tentatively for the moment) looking at upgrading, and I have long fancied the 33. I have also subscribed to Beechtalk recently.

While we really like our current aircraft, it’s upgrade potenial for more serious IFR touring is limited. It’s especially frustrating that, for lack of a STC, we cannot install a reasonably modern autopilot.

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LOAN Wiener Neustadt Ost, Austria

Beechtalk is a very good forum and you’ll get great advice there from all the experts. A Beech is something else compared to an Arrow, no offense to Piper.

Agree with Adam. I did a fair few hours in the 33 & 35 and they spoilt me rotten. Sorry I cant answer your question specifically.

Always looking for adventure


i just got since 4 weeks a F33A (after 172, arrow 4, TB10, c182)

i have to say flying that bird is a complete new thing to me it is sooooooo much better that all the others i had – very stable platform, easy und smooth to land due to big main wgear wheels, and really fast

i use currently 55ltr/hour ave speed on my trips so far approx 155kts

the build quality is so much better than on my other planes that it is difficult to compare

but there are a few downsides! u have to be carefull with W&B when with reax pax!!!!!, there is less room side to side than in a c182, and not for eveybodys liking that there is only one door. but what is perfect??

also as the avionics a bit more modern, it is also very nice in using (AP is a stec 55) i will need in the near future a better GPS (incl. 8.33 for future) as there is currently Trimble 2000 ( a piece for the antique roadshow lol) but i got a Sandel HSI that is also very nice


Blueline. I own and operate an N35. She is 1961, 2700 TT, and has the IO-470N, with nearly 1200 useful load. And that is where you need to look. All of the airframes, thru the V tails, to the straight tails, have quite a difference in what they can carry. They also have a variety of powerplants, from the E series engines, to the Continental IO-470/520/550 series. I could not possibly go through everything you would wish to know here, but spend a good deal of time trawling through Beechtalk. Go to the Singles sub section, and, scroll thru until you get the reading material required. Also the Tech section. There really is no comparison to anything else, and that will be revealed after you fly one. I personally prefer the V tails, and the older V tail airframes have the higher useful loads, and slightly better CG characteristics.

If I were to trade up, I would get a V35B, early eighties model, with full panel, and the IO-550 installed. Life is far less complicated if you operate it on the FAA regime.

My friends have an early eighties F33. Nice machine..Lots are for sale, again check Beechtalk, and run comparisons. Watch out for internal corrosion control surfaces. A good pre buy is worth its weight

Fly safe. I want this thing to land l...
EGPF Glasgow

I have a 1968 V35A. I have owned it since 1979. I consider it a great 3 person airplane, maybe 4 if all the skinny ones are in the rear. I normally cruise at 165 at 12.5 GPH (47.3 LPH) in the 6000 to 10000 foot altitude range. The V tails from 1966 and later all were shipped with IO520’s and have a maximum GW of 3400. The F33A (not the F33) is the straight tail equivalent. It is slightly slower, a hundred pounds heavier empty weight, and more tail heavy than its V tail brother. Because of this, it has more of a challenge in terms of weight and balance. The F33A is more desirable in the market place and carries a premium price for the equivalent year as the V35. They are indistinguishable in terms of their flying characteristics. There are many STC’s available for the types.

KUZA, United States

I can’t offer anything except for the fuel burn I saw with our club’s S-35 which I did about 100 hours or so in. It had the IO-520 engine and would fly 163 kts true on 13.8 USG/hr normally cruising somewhere between 6000 and 8000 MSL (that would be 52.5 litres/hr)

Andreas IOM

I own a 66 V35 with a 3600GW increase due to tip tank STC. I’v flown the C brand the P brand and also owned the M brand, nothing beats the Bonanza. Never thought I would be so affectionately attached to it, it gives a fantastic flying experience and I feel confident in it when flying hard IMC. I always try to fly btw FL080 and FL120 my trips are in general over 500Nm…Maintenance cost are acceptable when in N reg don’t go EASA as you will be hit with the wing bolt and other components which require replacement…
The V35, V35A, V35B are basically the same airframe. Mine does not have the speed slope (could be retrofitted). TKS can be retrofitted though it’s very expensive I would a least try to find one with a hot prop. Some D-reg have the hot prop with the less performing Q-tip prop, which I don’t think is FAA STC’d

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And if you are lucky enough to eventually own one, join The American Bonanza Society…..Vref, as an aside, when you are at 080-120, are you leaned, if so to what?, and at what cruise ratio? What would that show speed wise, (true)?

Fly safe. I want this thing to land l...
EGPF Glasgow

FL100 155 KTS TAS approx with 11.5 GPH – No GAMI injectors so not too bad I think engine is running smooth and cool around peak EGT. I didn’t see any speed difference with my Tips newly installed. I have the GAMI liquidair STC (baffling plus #2 and #6 mod). I still have the old flying V antenna so this creates some drag I think. I have one the few V tails with a very good A/P C41 with Approach mode and Go Around and F/D functions couples to my SN3500 LED EHSI love it when going to minima and click the GA switch :).
I have an older GEM602 want to upgrade to 610 or G2. Still considering to get GAMI injectors …

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