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149 hrs in 17 years... G-TBGT / N36GT TB20

How can you have a nice tourer and fly an average of less than 6 hrs per year ???

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PS a TKS system good for FIKI ? wow…

EDM_, Germany

I changed the thread title from “27 years” to “17 years” since this is a year 2000 plane. Still comes to 8.8hrs a year, and allowing for taxi time, the time with the engine actually running could be…??

One of the very early GTs, with a mix of pre-GT avionics

Priced rather optimistically. It would be amazing if the engine didn’t have corrosion in it, but maybe it was preserved in a heated hangar the whole time?

Appears here.

Virtually zero plane spotter history, which is rare. Almost every plane that flies comes up on google, especially if followed by an airport which it is likely to have flown to. I see just one pic, Jersey, 2009.

Amazing specimen, frozen in time. It could well be absolutely pristine. Definitely needs a close-up prebuy inspection, because Annuals on a plane which has not flown since the last Annual tend to be perfunctory, especially if it was hangared at the company doing the Annual.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I wonder if it was stored away someplace nice. I agree, it could well be pristine yet will need an avionic update before the end of the year (8.33). Other than that, not often seen chance to buy a virtually “new” plane.

LSZH(work) LSZF (GA base), Switzerland

Not even worth 100k€ I would say. The fact that it wasn’t flown at all doesn’t make it worth more.

GTs sell for way more than €100k. I have never heard of one go for less than €130k, and that one was a “quick sale” and had about 1000hrs on it. This one has full TKS which is worth about 10k on the selling price.

The details will be what matters in this case.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

You need €40k+ for up to date avionics. Most likely an engine overhaul as well. Surely not worth more than 100k€ without these issues addressed.

An engine OH is a good 30k so if I was buying it, I would do a 50hr service on it, my expense (the seller cannot possibly object) and do oil analysis etc. Borescope the cylinders too. The engine is one of the “improperly stored and corroded” batch from Tarbes, but any reputable company would have sorted that in 2005 on the SB569 job (the long-defunct FAA145+JAA145 one – a Lyco distributor – who did a shock load for me in 2002 prob99 left the rust in there, however, saying nothing).

Of course this presumes the oil in there has some hours on it and whether this is verifiable. If the plane has just been serviced then you can’t do this check I recall somebody I knew years ago going around this exact thing (a long-stored plane) but I never found out what happened. They just bought it anyway regardless but I heard it was then grounded for a long time, reason not known to me.

I bet this plane has not been flown for a year or two. Most for-sale planes have been idle, hence they are for sale.

I would not suggest how much to offer; it depends on the detail. Also not everybody wants to spend 40k on eye candy; you don’t need it. I can do European IFR perfectly with a KLN94+KMD550, except for LPV and I have never actually needed that (yet). I don’t think European IFR will change at all in the next 20 years… except there will be fewer ILSs and more LPVs, but you can get LPV with a GNS430W.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I did not look at the price as such (no interest in buying – just the 149hrs caught my attention).
But when comparing that to this younger one with up to date avionic, a 3-blade prop and prop-TKS, the pricing seems indeed optimistic…
Dutch TB20

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EDM_, Germany

Yes; the GTN750 equipped PH-CCA for €167k is much better value, but that will also sell for less; probably €140k.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

.Peter wrote:


How much are those incl. a 8.33 upgrade of one or, since you are at it, both radios ?
Work included as most of us would not do it ourselves…

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EDM_, Germany
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