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Italian registered Tecnam Sierra 2002 - export to Spain


I’m trying to buy an ex italian registered ULM.

It seems the current owner exported it from Italy a few years back to Spain.

He never changed to the Spanish reg.

Will it still be registered in Italy?

Seems it’s very difficult to register it in Spain.

Can someone advice thanks

United Kingdom

If he did not take any action to de-register it in Italy, it will be on It-reg. I don’t know what the continued airworthiness requirements are for Italy. Did he follow the rules?

As for re-registering in Spain, it used to be a nightmare, but it seems to become easier. Apparently, Spain will allow registering ULMs that have a ULM type certificate of another EASA country. But AFAIK this is not yet cast in concrete, and I’m not clear on what is required in terms of demonstrating the maintenance history.

I think you may want to wait to put in on Sp-reg until the above becomes more clear and in the meantime make use of the new rules of ‘overflying’ Spain in a foreign reg ULM. I say ‘overflying’ because that’s the text they use, but it says nowhere that you cannot base the aircraft there full-time..

Here Start at post 23

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Son Alberti LEJF, Mallorca, Spain


Thanks for your prompt reply.

It seems it was de registered in Italy, back in 2013.

I have been told my Aesa here in Spain that rules have changed back in dec-2023 so you can actually have an Italian registered ULM in Spain.

To Spanish register it is stilll a nightmare, so I’m trying to seek some help to get back its Italian reg.

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United Kingdom
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