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Elixir - new aircraft with a chute - now CS23 certified for VFR

I actually questioned Elixir representatives at Salon du Bourget about this in June, but they pretended that it did not impact production (an obvious understatement and the opposite of what the factory said). Definitely a hit, but as far as PR is concerned things were handled well.

All I know is that delays have not piled up too badly after that. I believe our club delivery is currently scheduled (and was confirmed not too long ago) for September, while the initial date was spring 2024 (order placed in spring 2023) – although don’t quote me on that. To me it looks like the crisis was actually handled well (not just in PR). They also benefit from a lot of goodwill from the French media (and possibly even the administration) because of chauvinism (French GA manufacturers are few and far between these days). A little like the French media were outrageously tender with the OVH Strasbourg datacenter fire (this one should have been a real scandal IMO, since the datacenter was built extremely cheaply and with little regard for fire safety).

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