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Wilksch Airmotive (WAM) engine

From here

Similar to Deltahawk is this

I was based at Staverton in 2007. They had a little workshop in my hangar but I never saw much action. Does anyone know what happened to them? Maybe they survived in the UAV sphere? See the article from 2019.

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Not sure they’re really still active… a couple of them diesels were installed on RVs (-9A AFAIK), and the last one sporting that ugly nose I spotted at the last Sywell LAA rally, so a few years back.
Now their original website Wilksch Aero is pretty much a ghost, and the company seems to have morphed into Apple Tree Innovation Ltd..

The descriptive states:
Formed in early 2018, Apple Tree Innovation acquired all the assets, inventory, patents and intellectual property of Wilksch Airmotive Ltd., retaining key personnel to continue to supply ongoing spares and be the definitive source of product support. This will include working with a new partner in Cheshire to facilitate rebuilds of engines and other service activities as required.

In July 2019 all the activities at Gloucestershire Airport, Staverton have been relocated to Antrobus, near Northwich, Cheshire

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