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Which exhaust systems have flame cones, and why?

This is a piece of pipe, generally made of perforated sheet, which is inserted inside the exhaust system where the hottest gas is found e.g. right where it joins onto the cylinder.

What is the reason for these?

From what I have read they can cause a lot of trouble, because they tend to disintegrate and a piece can come off and block off the exhaust for one or more cylinders.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

My understanding is like on chainsaws, the idea is to not allow much in the way of flames to get out and potentially cause a fire. Maybe light oil / fuel.

I believe in the US you can get your exhaust repaired and the flame cones disappear.

These perforated pipes are just a ridiculous attempt for minimal silencing on private aircraft. Flames are no factor basically, see the video in my link – and enjoy :

Super Constellation night takeoff:


US AOPA article.

If the material was a solid sheet then it might be to protect the initial part of the exhaust system.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
Better to fabricate the complete initial part of the exhaust pipe from that steel / inconel . So no troubles from these cones that get no cooling at all. No radial got these cones at all, just for extra silencing maybe an extra muffler way back – like on a AC Cobra. Vic

In the Bonanza, the flame cones are located aft of the muffler in the tail pipe that extends out of the muffler. Their use is to reduce noise and increase the heat transfer in the heat exchanger. You can inspect the by shining a flash light up the tail pipes.

KUZA, United States
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