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Which countries do allow you to land your Helicopter in your backyard

I was wondering which countries do actually allow to land with a helicopter anywhere on your property – it seems to vary by a magnitude from country to country.

In Germany (called Außenlandegenehmigung/Aufstiegsgenehmigung) it’s basically never allowed whereas it’s apparently no problem in Switzerland and UK (and of course in the US anyway). What about other countries? Apparently Italy seems to be quite relaxed as well with your own “Aviosuperficie” private airfield (see Locher Airfield).

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A guy from Berlin
EDAZ, Germany

In Poland you can do it.
Very strange that it can be prohibited in some countries if the safety measures are followed.
Europe is trying to restrict us more and more I think.


Sweden. Unless you completely destroy your neighbor’s garden with the down wash. :)

Sweden, Sweden

France requires that the pilot has an extra ‘qualification’ (not sure that’s the correct name) and have the agreement of the owner of the property. In Norway I think you just need the owner’s permission.

ENVA, Norway

In Ireland, anywhere with the land owners permission.

EIKH Kilrush

Isn’t this a specific German problem? Maybe the question should be turned around. Are there other countries than Germany that significally restricts landings and take-offs compared to the EASA requirements of not endangering any third party, and the PIC responsibility for making sure that the site is suitable operationally.

The Danish Authority lost a lawsuit some years ago with a helicopter landing on private property inside a built-up area. I do not know the details, but I have heard that the pilot won by demonstrating that there would not have been any significant risk to the public in case of an engine failure. So I imagine it may NOT have been legal in a more densely populated area. Also there are considerations of noise (and downwash as Fly310 says).

EKRK, Denmark

definitely allowed in estonia.

EETU, Estonia

In Czechia and Israel, only land owner’s permission is required.

LKBU (near Prague), Czech Republic

WingsWaterAndWheels wrote:

France requires that the pilot has an extra ‘qualification’

Not if it’s ULM6 (microlight helicopters )

Paris/Essex, United Kingdom

I don’t know the actual rule, but an Austrian heli pilot instructor here told me that off-airport landings are not allowed in Austria, one of the reasons he moved to Switzerland where only the landowner’s permission is required. Perhaps @Snoopy knows more.

LSZK, Switzerland
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