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Where to take ATPL theory exams?

The number of persons taking ATPL exams with the Polish CAA has tripled in last 5 years. This is partly due to low prices of training and examination in Poland which attracted many foreign students. Unfortunately equipment and procedures at our CAA remained the same. More about this here (google translate from Polish). It is not possible to book an examination date. A bit like slots for Friedrichshafen. All booked within 7 minutes from opening.

So I am now looking for another place to sit the exams. Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark, Germany are closest geographically. What are your experiences, recommendations?

Last Edited by loco at 28 Mar 09:09
LPFR, Poland

The fee for it in Sweden is probably around 8-900 euros. However, the system is very accessible with a long list of freelance “testers” where you take the tests by agreeing on a time with her/him. Many of them in southern Sweden close to you.

ESSZ, Sweden

Fly310 wrote:


The proper English word is “invigilator” — isn’t it an amazing language?

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

Thanks. This sounds good. I sent a request to one Invigilator from Ronneby. We’ll see.

Last Edited by loco at 28 Mar 11:02
LPFR, Poland

Just to share experience with AustroControl that might be useful to someone.
It is possible to do a sitting in Vienna any day Mon-Fri, price is 34eur/subject.

They also organise exams in Hungary… in Budapest and in Szeged I think one sitting in two months.


Theory exams at the Czech CAA are both inexpensive – about €200 total if you pass every exam on the first sitting – and easy to book. ATPL/CPL/IR exams are held 8 times a month morning and afternoon, PPL/LAPL ones – 4 times a month morning only, and you can book online. You are supposed to book at least 14 days in advance, but it’s not a hard limit and they will try to accommodate you even if you are late. You can sit as many exams on the same day as you want (I did 4 on one occasion). Flight training is relatively inexpensive, too.

Last Edited by Ultranomad at 28 Mar 15:49
LKBU (near Prague), Czech Republic

loco wrote:

Thanks. This sounds good. I sent a request to one Invigilator from Ronneby. We’ll see.

Yeah, but you still have to enroll at a theoretical class to get your mandatory classroom hours. Not sure if you can do that in another country than Sweden if you intend to write them in the Swedish system.

ESSZ, Sweden

Yes, it’s OK. Learning objectives are the same in all EASA countries. My theoretical course was accepted with Swedish CAA already. Looking forward to flying for exams to Ronneby :)

Last Edited by loco at 30 Mar 20:58
LPFR, Poland

The syllabus (“learning objectives”) is the same in all former JAA countries (the “JAA ATPL QB”) but the original QB was packed with dodgy, ambiguous and outright incorrect questions, and some countries have removed these. The UK has, and I believe Germany and a few others have too. So the extra money can buy you “extra quality”

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Good to hear! Then I think you will find it easy to do them within the Swedish system. It is quite convenient.

ESSZ, Sweden
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