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What have you done with, or on your aircraft, this weekend? (11-12 May 2024)

Thread starter, early for once…

Well, it seems nobody’s been flying nor working on his pride and joy for a couple of weeks now 😉

Next WE is again an extended one (for those poor souls still assigned to work 🤓), the weather outlook is good for central EU, so we can expect quite some activity and of course more of those fantastic reports, pictures, et al.
Remember, your contribution is also a motivation tool for aspiring pilots, builders, dreamers of all kind, etc, and helps slow down that infamous GA decline 😇

ain't the Destination, but the Journey
LSZF, Switzerland

It seems we missed creating the thread for the last weekend 4-5 May.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

Local Cascais-Cascais (LPCS) VFR flight today (07MAY2024).

Cirrus Vision Jets visiting Cascais – in the background

Departing Cascais (LPCS) via the Tunnel South (VFR TS) and returning Tunnel North (VFR TN), and negotiated to fly to Sesimbra.

Split Screen use with SkyDemon and SafeSky Traffic Awareness display, with “most” traffic displayed. However PowerFlarm and direct (via Sky Echo ADS-B in) will only be displayed on SkyDemon as traffic! I wish SafeSky would display directly from the source ADS-B in and PowerFlarm.

Sesimbra, Portugal, coastal town about 45min-1h from Lisbon.

Last Edited by Yeager at 07 May 21:10
Socata Rallye MS.893E

Dan wrote:

Next WE is again an extended one (for those poor souls still assigned to work 🤓), the weather outlook is good for central EU, so we can expect quite some activity and of course more of those fantastic reports, pictures, et al.
The weather forecast looks indeed great for Central Europe, I feel a bit bad that I planned my 4 day trip a few weeks later, beginning at the Feast of Corpus Christi, which is a long weekend as well. Fingers crossed that the weather will also be flyable over the Alps by then. Nonetheless, I wish all pilots the best of luck during this long Ascension weekend, maybe I’ll do a day trip as well.
Last Edited by Frans at 08 May 07:51

Well, it was bit of a disappointment for me ! I planned my first “big” trip to LFNH. It’s about 3.5 hrs away and requires a fuel stop for reserves. The weather was finally starting to improve, especially in the bottom 2/3 of France. I spent hours planning and getting advice because this was far above anything I’d ever done before, with many new elements like tying-down, landing and refueling in an unknown airport in full autonomy, crossing military zones, higher terrain etc. Maintenance guys were really dedicated these last few days to get the aircraft ready (it had a few problems from last week), and they managed to get it ready by yesterday evening. All ready to go today, fully loaded, only for the nosewheel tire to blow during taxi !
I was hoping to get a short-notice repair for tomorrow, but it looks like the aircraft won’t be ready until Tuesday.

I guess I just learned just a little more about the reality of flying (or in this case, not flying)

And I’m really glad this did not happen during landing, or at the other side of France. Both would have been a pretty mess, each in their own way.

Last Edited by maxbc at 08 May 21:38

@maxbc don’t despair. I think it has happened to many of us especially in the early days after getting the PPL. We pluck up the courage, plan everything to the minutiae detail, we are ready to go and then Murphy’s or Sod’s law takes a hold.
For me I had planned to fly to the UK for a special event. The weather during the week was glorious. The day I had planned to go an front was forecast to passing over the part of the UK I was heading for so I planned for the day after. The day I was due to go the front had well passed in the UK but unexpectedly a squall line and front built up this side of the channel.
The 2nd planned trip was in France, what was a glorious week and forecast to be a beautiful weekend, when the forecast changed during the night before I was due to go. High winds well above crosswind limits on my return put an end to that day trip
Third time the aircraft had got stuck in maintenance waiting for a part which had not arrived on time.
4th time the guy before me landed and the left main tyre burst. The spare that the club usually kept had been used on another aircraft the week before and the replacement had not arrived. Borrowing one from another club and fitting it would have meant it was too late to go. Went home, miserable yet again.
Finally I made my first longish trip 6hrs there and back.
So I feel your pain.


I’ll be going back there soon enough so the whole preparation will not be for nothing ! And I think renouncing is perhaps the most important exercise in aviation (to mitigate get-thereitis and the various biases that drive you down the dangerous path). Learning to deal with passenger disappointment is also essential.


Indeed, don’t despair. Try to get access to multiple airplanes (as far as practicable), so you have higher chances to switch planes, in case such a thing happens and nobody can repair it within a reasonable time. If my regular plane isn’t available, I can often get another one from my lessor. This wasn’t always the case for me though… Back in the days, when I was a member of an aeroclub, similar stories also happened to me, unfortunately.

Nonetheless, if such a thing happens on your way, there is always a way to fix it. A few years ago, I had a flat nosewheel tire upon landing at a busy aerodrome in Germany (EDFE). Fortunately, this happened on a Friday afternoon right before closure time of the local maintenance shop. Thanks to some goodwill of always helpful aviators and the maintanance shop, I was able to fly again after just one hour. As always, you need a portion of luck in misfortune while traveling.

Last Edited by Frans at 09 May 12:57

Visited Chateau de Savigny today, after landing at Beaune (LFGF). Interesting place…

Last Edited by boscomantico at 09 May 16:37
Mainz (EDFZ) & Egelsbach (EDFE), Germany

today was the Vatertag Fly-In EDEW… 4 Swiss homebuilts found their way over the Black Forest to the field North of Stuttgart, and were treated to German hospitality 😎
Probably around 50+ historical, homebuilt, UL, and spam cam showed up in the perfect weather. Well done and thanks for all guys!

The Rheinfalls next to Schaffhausen

The Hohentwiel Castle by Singen

EDEW grounds

ain't the Destination, but the Journey
LSZF, Switzerland
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