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What are you building/flying ?

I am building a Gazaile II, french airplane, all wood and fiberglass and carbon,

pasion por volar

I own a half share in a Falco. I didn’t build it but boy do I wish I had. I could write a book about home-built build quality.
Our Falco was first flown in 1992 but only has 200 hours on the airframe.
I recently discovered, in buttock clenching fashion, that the aeroplane had been flying for 23 years with a very serious wiring defect that could easily have killed me. The builder had placed the 20amp CB in the switch circuit and not the motor circuit so when the up-limit switch failed and the motor continued to try to drive the gear there was no CB to prevent an electrical fire……

Forever learning

A Non-Certified Euroga fly-in would be great.

Don’t some of the Belgian fly-ins organise a waiver for foreign aircraft to visit?

EDHS, Germany

I did this Turbine powered " Pocket Rocket" based on an Impulse 100, but different structure and lots of mods. Probably its the fastest Ultralight doing 235 Kts. with 265 KTs IAS in a shallow dive. The engine is a RollsRoyce Allison 250-15G

And heres a short clip how she flies:

Flying her really puts a smile in my face and pays back for almost 10 years of work.

EDTQ / Sarentino

That looks like a great little fighter. What is the range? At what speed?

He said the speed was 235kts, 100kts faster than the normal Impulse 100
I dread what the range will be at this speed.
Do you think of adding a fuel trailer to your plane?

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United Kingdom

Indicating 235 KTs at FL 140 I can go 500NM

EDTQ / Sarentino

That’s pretty good, I like that.

@Mdoerr I knew before I started building it that it will use more fuel than a Rotax. I build it for fun, not to save fuel, I would have built a glider then. But when pulling up at 250 KTs with 2 Gs and you see initially more than 7000ft/min climb, you give a sh…t on the fuelburn, you only live once.! And BTW 70l/h is not too bad.

EDTQ / Sarentino

I would have built a glider then

I like that too :-)

70 l/h for 235 KIAS is much better than i thought it would be!

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