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Borrowing an Ipad Mini, to test the GPS

I am looking to buy one of these (for an app which is IOS only) but would like to test it in flight, because my Ipad2 GPS is very unreliable in the TB20.

There is also no IOS compatible bluetooth GPS which can use my rooftop antenna; my brilliant NMEA bluetooth GPS is not recognised by IOS – more here.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Borrow it from Apple (Buy then return if not happy)?

If it’s for FF, you might want to wait (unless you pay for Jepp plates). To my disappointment, they don’t have IAP for countries other than UK and Germany at the moment, so either you Pay Jepp or you don’t really get “Europe”

Not sure they would accept a return based on it not working in a specific plane

Last time I tried to return an Ipad because the HDMI output (via an Apple adaptor) was dud, they refused, saying it was not a “core feature”.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Just buy it via mail order from absolutely anywhere (Amazon for example) and you can exercise your consumer rights to return it.

Will a ADL provide gps?

United Kingdom

I would need to test it and return it within 14 days.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

28 days (at least with apple, but it’s more expensive than the refurbs). You must tell you are going to return within 14 days, but then you have another 14 to ship back.

Norman wrote:

Will a ADL provide gps?

The ADL140/150/200 will provide gps to SkyDemon, ForeFlight and ADLConnect. But it will not be a general iOs position source as it is not Apple certified.

Peter, I don’t think you’ll be very happy with the built-in GPSof any iPad, although some people use just that. Most pilots, myself included, fly with an external GPS, e.g. one of the DUAL or Garmin products. No need for an external antenna. If you have Garmin Flighstream, then you can use the signal coming from whatever panel-mounted GPS you have.

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