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Unable to access EAD Eurocontrol

I seem to be unable to get the AIPs from Eurocontrol, here:

A win 11 PC with Chrome browser – no luck
With Windows browser – no luck
With Opera – no luck

On my Chromebook – no luck

The error is : is blocked
This page has been blocked by Chrome

Searching the net and lots of info about Chrome extensions, but there is no Chrome extensions on Opera ? I have also tried to turn off all extensions in Chrome, no luck. Cleaned the log, no luck etc

On the phone (Android 9, 10?) – no problems.

Could this be a server error instead of a client error? Anyone have any idea how to solve it?


The elephant is the circulation

Just (17:38UTC) check mine – all works from the UK, Firefox on Windows


The outfit running that site is really amateurish. They broke the AIP delivery a few weeks ago. Working now through the EuroGA airport database.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Works for me.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

It works for me with Chrome on Mac. (Well, it works in the sense I get to the web page, but then the web site complains about me not being logged in – which is correct.)

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

Do you have an ad blocker or a pi-hole? The ead part contains the word ‘ad’, so I could imagine some zealous blocker thinking that content can’t be any good.

You could try an incognito window. The BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT gives the impression it’s not the server that’s doing it.

If you open (win-R) a cmd on windows, and run “nslookup” does it tell you that the name is ?

LSZH, Switzerland

It say:

Non-authoritative answer:

The elephant is the circulation

Some missed information (sorry). No problems getting to the web-site. It’s when trying to download one of the document this error appears. It only works on my phone.

The elephant is the circulation

Had the same problem using Edge or Chrome. Firefox worked on the same PC. I was however able to download/save the PDFs and then open them outside of the browser.

ENKJ, Norway

As I said, you can get the Eurocontrol AIPs via the EuroGA airport database.

It was designed to be as browser-independent as possible (I specified the project to use simple HTML and avoid fancy fashion-of-the month “frameworks”) and I normally take care to keep it going.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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