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EuroGA Airports Database Telegram bot

We have a telegram bot now, so please test it

@euroga-airports (for locating it in the telegram app) (for going to it from a browser)

Any input, please post it here. Some enhancements are on the list already and will be done soon.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom


always learning
LO__, Austria

Notams seem not to work at all for ELLX, EDDR and LFPB, but work for EBSP, LFJL and LFGW. Maybe they fail above a certain size?

The bot seems to not have published its possible commands in machine-readable format to BotFather, thus not enabling autocompletion and menu-driven choice of commands. Run “/setcommands” to BothFather to do that.

Last Edited by lionel at 24 May 08:05

I have just done that – hopefully correctly

You can also type Help or ?

ELLX should work because it runs on the base site. We will look at that.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter wrote:

I have just done that – hopefully correctly

Yes, command auto-completion works now. The description of the “/rep” command differs from the one in “/help”. It just says “get EuroGA airport database reports”, suggesting something like “/rep ELLX” would give the ones for ELLX, which is not the case. The description in the help text (“airports within 50nm of current location”) seems closer to the actual behaviour. (A small nitpick: I can’t help but read “nm” as “nanometer”… maybe “nmi”?)


Nice work!

Abeam the Flying Dream
EBKT, western Belgium, Belgium

Thanks a lot !

LFOU, France

Thanks so much. It works…

Sebastian S.
EDAZ, Germany

Excellent, thanks!
There is some strange behaviour with AIP, though:
- some existing airports aren’t shown (e.g. LSZL Locarno is missing, whereas LSZG Grenchen is present)
- entering three letters in an AIP command sometimes produces a wildcard output (e.g. aip EET returns links for EETN and EETU), and sometimes produces nothing (e.g. aip LSZ). Two letters don’t seem to produce anything. Four letters can also produce a wildcard output in Czechia, which has 6-letter sub-ICAO identifiers (e.g. aip LKBU returns LKBU and LKBUDK).

Last Edited by Ultranomad at 24 May 16:05
LKBU (near Prague), Czech Republic

Thx a lot! Tried it with LFRQ and it’s working fine.

EDDS , Germany
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