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Dark/night mode theme?

It seems clear that some people can achieve a “dark mode” entirely at the client end, with OS or browser config. But many can’t (I can’t) and we would then need to do the profile based CSS change. David did a quick test and found that selecting the CSS change together with selecting dark mode in the browser doesn’t actually break anything, which is good news…

Other than that there has been a deafening silence from all the IT specialists here

I will put this forward into the next batch of site improvements. Thank you for the suggestion

hate it with a passion

It would be optional of course. There are a couple of pluses for a “dark mode”:

  • working late at night with a bright screen disrupts sleep (reducing the blue content, possible on some machines, helps with this) and there is a lot of literature on this
  • it is generally less tiring

but I agree black on white is more readable and I am not surprised you get a higher productivity.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Apologies for not offering any additional help despite being the one to bring it up. Unfortunately I don’t have the IT knowledge to contribute with. The existance of the CSS function to find OS level preference is about as far as my knowledge goes. For what it’s worth, the OS level selection of dark mode in Win 10 and also iOS does nothing to change Euroga (or any other website that doesn’t have a separate dark mode theme) for me, so it must be a specific feature for certain browsers which try to mock shift a website to a dark theme.

I look forward to seeing it implemented and thank you for taking the suggestion on board.

United Kingdom

That’s all great; thanks. It will be done in the next batch of mods.

Clearly it does need to be user profile based, to cover those who can’t do it at the client. And I guess those who can do it at the client are probably doing it, now that they have read about it

The only thing is that those who can’t do it at the client end will have to be logged in.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

We have the Dark Mode now. Look under your Preferences (need to be logged in for it to work)

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I do like the dark mode but i have found a small bug, the names of the threadstarter and the last reply are missing (or blended in the background)

I hope the screenshot comes through


Thank you. It is important for anyone interested to test this and report any issues. It is done with CSS and that always needs tweaking.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Any feedback, anyone?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I like it

Might only be Firefox but it doesn’t show you which page of the thread you’re on

Normal is highlighted

but dark mode isn’t

Also, in the preview before posting the text has very low contrast so almost invisible:

EGHO-LFQF-KCLW, United Kingdom

Looks great!

Some feedback:

1. I would prefer a slightly darker background. OLED screens are really good at turning off their LEDs and being pitch black.
2. The text in the upper right menu and search bar could use bright letters to increase the contrast to the background.

Here I replaced: #333 → #000 and #555 → #111. Also, #aaa → #555 could be nice in the search bar (not in the pic below).


It’s even better now with the new colors

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