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Europe Trip in July - Spain, France, Lux.

I've got another question about Customs and Immigration....

Looking for example at Pontoise, it says 24H notice for customs, so presumably I can fly direct from Pontoise to UK.

However - if this was possible, why did the shoreham scheduled service run into difficulties doing just that?

EGKL, United Kingdom

There are no customs in Pontoise. In spite of what it says.

EGTK Oxford

Why not stop in Champagne on way back? Avoid Paris area.

EGTK Oxford

Is there a reliable trustworthy source of information on which fields can be used for customs purposes? If the AIP can't be used... what can?

I'm wondering if a couple of my previous trips accidentally went in & out of non-customs airfields.

EGKL, United Kingdom

Generally AIP is fine but for French customs I don't believe it is reliable. Check NOTAMs.

EGTK Oxford

I've looked at Pontoise NOTAMS.... nothing. Baffling.

Champagne sounds interesting - is there a particular airport you recommend?

Just out of interest - does anyone know the punishment for accidentally flying back home from a non-customs airfield?

EGKL, United Kingdom

Day 1 - you're going to find La Rochelle a bit disappointing for lunch. The airport café isn't very spectacular, and 3 hours is a bit short to go into town by taxi, eat and get back to the airfield.... can you do customs and coffee somewhere then stop at a smaller airfield (with a proper restaurant!) for lunch on the way down?


That surprises me - I see it's only 13 minutes car drive to the centre?

Perhaps i'll expand to 4 hours to cover it.

EGKL, United Kingdom

It's too hard pasting information into this forum - especially with the weird line break removal. So here's a link to my latest planning doc:

Google Document

EGKL, United Kingdom

Reims-Prunay is supposed to be good. For the way down, Angers (Customs PNR) is very nice, in middle of fields and has an excellent restaurant. It might not be far enough down for you though.

EGTK Oxford
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