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Fuel stop in Sweden

Hello all,

At the moment I am planning a flight from The Netherlands to Finland, to be flown in the upcoming weeks. The range of my aircraft is insufficient to make it in one leg, so I am looking for a GA-friendly airport in South/Central Sweden for a refuelling stop. Ideally the airport meets the following criteria:

- Cheap fuel (Avgas).
- Reasonable landing fees.
- No mandatory handling.
- Good restaurant.
- Runway length: at least 800m, hard surfaced.

The trip will be flown VFR so IFR procedures are not required.

I’m looking forward to your reactions :)

We have enough Swedes here to answer more precisely, But generally, I would say:

- Cheap fuel (Avgas).

Nowhere in Sweden. Expect 2,10-2,50 roughly.

- Reasonable landing fees.

Pretty much everywhere

- No mandatory handling.

Pretty much everywhere

- Good restaurant.

Pretty much nowhere. The Nordic countries don’t much have the tradition of having full-fledged restaurants at the GA airfields. Some airline airports do of course have “restaurants”, but they don’t have good food. Also, some of them will only be open when a scheduled movement takes place

- Runway length: at least 800m, hard surfaced.

Check AIP, I’d say.

Mainz (EDFZ) & Egelsbach (EDFE), Germany


ESGJ and ESMX i two bigger airports in southen sweden with Avgas and restaurant. Landingfee about 22 euros and no handling. They should be rather close to your route.

ESVE is a nice field 800m grass but they only have 96/91 AVGAS and you can’t land there when there is snow. Really nice restaurant in the harbor about 200m from the parking.

ESMG is a small airfield (1150m) without ATC but with avgas If you call in advance. No restaurant. But if you give me a couple of days notice I could pick you up there and take you to a local restaurant.


I would say Västervik(ESSW):
AVGAS 100LL self service with VISA/MasterCard
No landing fee
No handling fee
Runway is 1199 meters

But it does not have a restaurant. A taxi to town may not be too expensive. The airport manager, Ralph, is superfriendly and can help you sort out that.

If restaurant is a must and you arrive around lunch time(11-14), I would go to Kalmar(ESMQ).
A bigger regional airport, they have a quite decent restaurant in the terminal and also AVGAS(confirm with AIP). Landing fee probably 35 euro, no handling.

Fly safe!

ESSZ, Sweden

Thanks for the reactions guys, those seem to be a number of nice airfields. Much appreciated!

If you are routing further north, Optand near the Östersund is a good option. It is a nice club airfield with staff present and on the weekend the club’s kitchen is open as well.

Wernvik wrote:

ESVE is a nice field 800m grass but they only have 96/91 AVGAS and you can’t land there when there is snow. Really nice restaurant in the harbor about 200m from the parking.

The distance to the restaurant is more like 900 m, but I agree it’s nice. The walk to the restaurant is also nice and you can visit the castle ruin next to it.

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

Hultsfred Vimmerby ESSF get’s my vote – though seems temp closed because of snow.

ekbr ekbi, Denmark

If the south of Sweden fits you planning then I would recommend ESME (Eslöv).

- We have AVGAS 100LL for 22 SEK/litre and AVGAS 91/96UL for 20 SEK/litre. Credit cards are accepted. Prices are subject to change of course. Due to Swedish regulations, AVGAS 91/96UL is transparent, don’t be alarmed that you cannot find brown AVGAS 91/96UL in Sweden. AVGAS 91/96UL is also approved to be mixed with AVGAS 100LL.
- No landing fees.
- No handling fees.
- There are a few restaurants in Eslöv.
- Runway length: 799m, asphalt.

If you let me know when you show up and I am around here I can drive you around and help you with refueling, free of charge of course. If I’m not around I can make sure that somebody is at the airport to help you with refueling.

You will be surprised how easy is to get clearances in controlled airspace in Sweden, don’t try to avoid it, just make sure you ask for clearance to avoid infringements. Although there is quite a lot of uncontrolled (class G) airspace all around the country.


I don’t know if it will help enough on your range balancing, but I do this trip in 3 legs from Texel and have been using St Peter Ording (EDXO). Fuel is German prices (Cheaper than Sweden!), nice paved runway, very friendly, modest landing fee. 2nd leg usually to Vasteras (ESOW), very accommodating flying club and nice town with 1Hr train to Stockholm and the overnight cruise ferry to Helsinki in case the weather’s bad.

EGBW / KPRC, United Kingdom
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