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Nice and friendly GA Airports in the area of Montpellier LFMT / Perpignan LFMP / Beziers LFMU

It’s two years ago that I’ve been there but it was cheap. According to eddh it still is, 15€. Fuel is about 2€ and can be payed by CC. Town is a bit far and taxis are expensive in France, 35€.

EDFM (Mannheim), Germany

The VAC documentation says one can pay with any of:

You cut your image / screenshot just above the section with that information. To me, “CB credit card” means “Visa or Mastercard”; it is the French network that implements these two international networks in France (or something like that).

In my understanding, the “Total card only” is for the self-serve machine, not when interacting with a human, which is possible MON-FRI 0430-0230 next day and SAT-SUN 0430-2100 (remember: SKED SUM -1HR!!!). There is some talk about PN 30 min, which can be done over VHF radio (in flight?), or before take-off by phone. Maybe that’s only SAT-SUN, not sure. Even outside SKED, they say PN 1HR is enough.

Any doubt? Call them! The number is there.

In my experience (Jet-A1, though), the tower asks you if you want fuel and calls them. I don’t remember a long wait. Then you just walk to the GA terminal. On departure, if the GA desk is not manned, I think you call a phone number that is posted on the door, or maybe there is even an intercom/buzzer that you just push. I don’t remember a particularly long wait, but if you have a slot, do schedule several minutes for that.

In my social circle of Luxembourg pilots, LFMT has been for at least 1-2 generations (and still is) a favourite base for the French Mediterranean coast: cheap, no handling, large opening hours, GA friendly, no PNR/PPR/…, commercial terminal with services (food, drinks, car rental), reasonable rail links (useful when you leave the plane there because WX).

My bill of April 2017 was 14,64 EUR (12,20 EUR + VAT) for a fuel and lunch stop (lunch and fuel not included). In February 2017, 58.49 EUR (48.74 + VAT) for staying nine days (I left the plane there due to a combination of WX, ATC mix-up with FP, fatigue and closing time of my homebase). The full GA information is supposed to be at but the English version has only partial prices (for 6t MTOW or more). The full (in French) official tariff says:

  • up to 2t: 12,20 EUR + VAT for touchdown (full stop or touch-and-go), 2 uses of lights (e.g. landing and take-off) and one calendar day of parking (that is until midnight, whether that is 23 hours or 1 hour). 4.06 EUR per day of parking afterwards. 5 EUR one way if you want a bus.
  • up to 4t: 38,11 EUR + VAT for touchdown (full stop or touch-and-go), 2 uses of lights (e.g. landing and take-off), bus for arrival, bus for departure and one calendar day of parking. 8.12 EUR per day of parking afterwards.
  • up to 6t: 76,22 EUR + VAT for touchdown (full stop or touch-and-go), 2 uses of lights (e.g. landing and take-off), bus for arrival, bus for departure and one calendar day of parking. 12.18 EUR per day of parking afterwards.
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Thank you both. I did see the list of cards but it wasn’t clear to me if they were usable for avgas.

Sounds like a great option and much better than Cannes.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Forgot to specify: parking is hard parking, not grass.


Couldn’t agree more. LFMT is definitely my favorite French “international-size” airport.

ATC is very helpful and the ground personnel is friendly. You can also easily rent a car as they have daily passenger traffic. Plenty of restaurant options are available as well every day. There are a few hotels nearby with free shuttles so that works as well. Also, it’s close to a number of nice locations to visit and stay at.

It’s a lot more efficient to go to the self-serve pump as the truck can take quite a long while to arrive.

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I’ve been at Avignon a couple of times recently and found it very acceptable. A bonus is that they have a fuel truck and do the fuelling for you which is always a plus in my book. They accept regular credit card, although they did have a bit of card terminal problem on my last visit which was overcome after a few minutes. There’s a hotel right across the car park and a nice cafe inside. Recommended.

EGBW / KPRC, United Kingdom

+1 for Avignon. IMHO the city is much nicer than Montpellier. However, you may have to park on the grass when it gets busy but it’s hard as concert.

One more idea: Nîmes (LFTW). Also a very nice city and the airport is affordable and relaxed.

EDFM (Mannheim), Germany

I have a couple of helpful local contacts for Montpellier and Perpignan. Please do email if you need them.

LFCS (Bordeaux Léognan Saucats)

Visited LFMT last week. All very easy and friendly.
Bowser was there within 15min (I used VISA).
Parking (on a hard surface) for two days. I haven’t received the invoice yet (had to fill in a form because there was nobody at the information desk)
Recommended if you like/need to fly IFR to the Mediterannee.

EHBD, Netherlands

Is the above report on LFMT still current?

I may have to stop there for fuel tomorrow or Sunday, around mid-day.

Their number Standard AD : 04 67 20 85 00 has a French message on it, and there is no email in the AIP (other than handlers).

Would someone please be able to phone them and check that

  • they have avgas and accept VISA
  • they can do a fast turn-around (say 1hr max) regardless of airliner situation
  • there will be someone to help with the fuel pump (I can’t speak French and the phone camera translate often fails to work)
  • it is OK for a UK pilot to stop there for fuel (France would quarantine a UK person normally, due to the current ban on UK arrivals)
  • I won’t have a PCR test
  • I won’t need a toilet

It is obviously risky for me to do this, because if the plane doesn’t start, or the card does not authorise (I had 3 before my trip; one has been cancelled by the bak for reasons unknown (Halifax)) etc then I will be taken into quarantine, which will be a disaster at work where someone is going into hospital.

AIUI there is no PPR requirement.

Arrival would be from Croatia LDLO and departure to the UK EGKA.


Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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