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Nice and friendly GA Airports in the area of Montpellier LFMT / Perpignan LFMP / Beziers LFMU

As I posted further back, it depends on the detail. You had no police check needed, and you had a TOTAL card so didn’t have to get the bowser. Two very big factors in your favour. In fact you didn’t need to interact with anybody on the ground at all, because LFMT emails you an invoice.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

skydriller wrote:

We did think Cannes itself was a little bit “up itself and over-rated”

I used to go to Mandelieu (the actual place the airport is) a few times and found it much nicer than Cannes itself. There is a marina and a small beach at La Napoule and from there to the west begins the area of many beaches and places like Theoule e.t.c. In La Napoule itself there are some cute little hotels and great restaurants and other places. And with the bus or a rental car you are in Cannes in no time.

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LSZH, Switzerland

And with the bus or a rental car you are in Cannes in no time.

If you want to use LFMD to go just to Cannes, the city bus stops literally just outside the airport, and runs every 10 or so minutes. From Cannes you can take the train (reasonably frequent, every 30 minutes or so headed eastwards) or bus to go elsewhere along the coast or inland (e.g. Grasse, the perfume capital).

LFMD, France

Well, having just been to LFMT (2 nights’ stay) for a meet-up, I have worked out why I was right in my criticism and why those who had a go at me here and here were not right

It depends on the detail – as I keep saying… but many people don’t like posting detail, of which a part would demolish their argument. They just like to have a go at somebody.

LFMT works for fuel. You land, wave your arm at the fuel guy and he drives up to you. If the fuel is the wrong one and you want the other one, you tell him and he comes back with the other bowser. He fills you up with a smile and you pay him with your card. The airport knows nothing about you. The GA building, which is probably locked up (except you can just walk through to the road outside), lights off, toilets locked, reception shut, also doesn’t want to know. The police don’t give a damn, too. So you can take off again, zero hassle. The airport may have your email address and they will email you the invoice, but if you never corresponded with them (prob99 the case for intra schengen) they just lose the money, but like many French airports (some invoice a year in arrears) they also aren’t bothered. If you are N-reg they may eventually write to your trustee and he sends you their invoice with a stroppy covering letter which is why I am quite keen to always pay but that assumes ATC tell OPS which looks unlikely.

LFMT doesn’t work for customs/immigration IF you want the passport stamp. To find the police, you have to go into the passenger terminal and hassle the Info desk, who have no clue WTF you want and think you are a lost airline passenger. The police are supposed to have been notified when you email the airport (which you have done, haven’t you, with all your details? ) but they are nowhere to be seen. After some effort you get the whole “9mm team” and they then go off and look for the stamp. Half an hour later you get a lovely stamp. Clearly nobody bothers. Luckily, France is not Germany where you could get arrested for this, and/or fined long after you have left the country – details here. And the same happens at other French airports. You email your details as required but nobody turns up. I could name others but why draw attention?

LFMT also works great for passing through the GA terminal. This clearly applies here, except there isn’t a coded gate; you just walk though the GA terminal. To get back in you press a button and a man lets you in, after looking at your license and ID and writing them down.

What you must not do is try to do the right thing Same at other places.

EuroGA database report

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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