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Nice and friendly GA Airports in the area of Montpellier LFMT / Perpignan LFMP / Beziers LFMU

I am happy to paypal you the money

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

@Peter DM me the reference/reg (although I can make a pretty good guess!) and the exact amount.

Elstree, United Kingdom

So the latest about Cannes is :

- The Fuel island with self service Air BP pump & Credit card pump is still there.
- They still have Douanier on site during opening hrs, ie no PPR.
- You can still self handle.
- There is still a “side gate” if you have flown in from within France.

So just to be very clear, this is totally incorrect :

Ibra23-Sep-22 07:5688
Cannes did have the self service but not usable for non French speakers. Is it gone?
Yes no self service now

I thought that Cannes Airport was great back in July. Friendly efficient staff, Pilot briefing rooms/lounge with coffee available. Also a lovely bar/restaurant overlooking the runway. Most importantly, my Girlfriend liked it.

(We did think Cannes itself was a little bit “up itself and over-rated” though, considering half of the main town/beach area appeared to be a building site… we’re not really into “being seen” in the right clothes in the right beach bar where you pay through the nose for the privilege. The old town on the hill was worth visiting though)

Regards, SD..

It sometimes takes a couple of months to remove all the stands etc assoiciated with the film festival at the end of May.
Could that have been why Cannes looked like a building site? There are some really good restaurants in the town.🙂


Last few days of June. Yes, there was alot of the palais area blocked off with cranes & trucks moving stuff, but no, not just that – they were also digging up part of the Croisette & Reynaldo, the area in front of the port was a huge hole in the ground, Andover half of the frontage famous hotels are being done up with scaffolding all over them. I guess we had high expectations from what you see on the telly etc…and were unlucky.

They’re doing a major refurb of the big square opposite the port right now. And the area between the road and the port is used for all kinds of temporary things.

Maintenance has to happen…

Personally I’m not a huge fan of Cannes itself, but the other chic resorts along the coast towards Antibes are pretty good too, like Golfe Juan. (I live in Nice now and previously lived in Valbonne and Golfe Juan).

LFMD, France

As I said, probably just unlucky and not “look at me” type people…

@johnh , I shall take a mental note of Golfe Juan, we plan to return and do a bit of a “road trip along that coast”, probably next spring, having flown over it multiple times it would be interesting to see from the ground too.

Regards, SD..

Peter wrote:

But ATC said that you have to be airborne within 10 mins of the CTOT time. Is that real?

Yes. A CTOT means you have to take off within -5/-10 min of the CTOT time. I’m surprised you don’t know that.

Peter wrote:

It is hardly possible in the real world.

You start up and taxi sufficiently in advance to keep up with the CTOT. If you got a CTOT 10 min after your EOBT, this means that you had between 5 and 20 min to taxi, should be very very sufficient in such a small airport? EOBT is when you start taxi, so “obviously” startup is before that.

Peter wrote:

that gives you just a 10 minute slot in which to complete the taxi+takeoff process.

No. It gives you a 15 minute period in which to do your takeoff. If you are ready e.g. 3 minutes before the beginning of the period, you ask for taxi, e.g. you taxi for 2 min and wait at the holding point for 1 min. If the airport is that huge that you need 15 min to taxi, then you can ask for taxi e.g. 17 minutes before the beginning of the 15 min period, or 3 minutes before the period (and then you have a 3 min “slot” left to take off).

Peter wrote:

The funny thing is that the FP is filed with an EOBT, and the CTOT is a takeoff time.

Exactly. That’s why you got a CTOT 10 min later, that (or maybe 5 min) the time that “the system” estimated is needed for taxi at that airport. The “taxi time” is in a database at Eurocontrol (which is updated tactically), and CTOTs take that into account with respect to your EOBT; you will never get a CTOT that is before EOBT + taxi time.

Peter wrote:

Say you file EOBT 1200 and the CTOT is 1210 (as mine was).

Yes, say that. And then what? What do you mean? EOBT is “off blocks time”, the time you start moving, that is the time you start taxi, not the time of startup, not the time you step into the plane, etc. You set your EOBT taking into account all the time you need between stepping into the plane and the actual start of taxi. If for some reason you need more time between off-block (start of taxi) and take-off (e.g. because you are going to do lengthy ground checks, not at your parking position, but at the holding position just before the runway), the

  • Formally, I think you can actually say that in your flightplan with the “TAXI:n”, n being a number of minutes, in the RMK/ section of your FPL. If you need 15 min, put “TAXI:15”. It looks like autorouter lets you do that; edit the route, uncheck “show route only (item 15)” and change the “TAXI:n” value that autorouter had inserted automatically. I think that will actually be taken into account by the CTOT system, so that you CTOT will not be earlier than your filed EOBT+15, or maybe EOBT+20 in order to take into account the -5 min part.
  • Pragmatically, just put your EOBT in your FPL later to take into account the increased time, and deal with it tactically with the GND frequency; tell them “need 10 min at holding point for engine ground checks before departure; request early startup and taxi”
Last Edited by lionel at 12 Oct 11:15

Just to reconfirm that Beziers LFMU is really superb airport for GA. Also, Nimes LFTW should be added to this list of friendly places – landing fees in 20 EUR range and fuel just slightly more expensive than at LFMU.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

Mmmhh reading through this litany of bad experiences, I am seriously surprised.
Enroute from Aix to Arcachon, i/we had a short stop in LFMT in September.
I emailed them my arrival and details the day before and just showed up.
The following day, I taxied to the fuel island, inserted the Total card and 10min later, I left with full tanks.
Radio communication was easy (without French) and even the UBER worked – often a problem in FR.
(FWIW it resembled more or less the experience 3 yrs earlier)

It is my believe that we create a lot of the realities around us in our heads by way of expectations…
Regards from Sardegna – aviation hell for some, no doubt, but very nice for us, so far.

EDM_, Germany
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