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Toulouse-Francazal LFBF


anyone any infos of this airport would like to do a fuel stop and possible overnight
any recent AVGAS prices??

many thanks


Peter_Paul wrote:

any recent AVGAS prices?

1.45€/l is reported in SD (from september).

Airport fees are on their site.

ESMK, Sweden

This airport is a former French AF base, that became one for business, a number of high tech companies stelled there.
Almost no GA there AFAIK.

According to VAC, the field is PPR only to the AFIS, and instructions will be given this way.
It is located inside the Blagnac class D, with an R area serving as its own class D. Some VRPs make a VFR entry/exit route from the SE.

I am interested in your feedback after your visit.

LFOU, France


i am looking at a ferry fligh from germany to south of spain if it happems i will let you know


You’re welcome.

LFCL Lasbordes is another controlled airfield near Francazal, much more active. Tt has TOTAL serf serve Avgas and an on-site restaurant.

Not far away, Auch LFDH is very friendly and well equipped (IAP, PCL, …). The restaurant there is said to be the best of all French airfields !
But AFIS only, so you will need to check their hours if you don’t speak French.

Maybe @wleferrand knows more about Francazal.

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LFOU, France

I’ve never been to LFBF but I when I was trying to get a hangar there I had the feeling that they weren’t exactly GA-friendly. LFBR, a bit south, may be a better option. If you need a ride to town I may be able to help.

Anyone know if LFBR (south of Toulouse) is a good place for a 2-3 night visit? Looks nice from the google, and my brother-in-law lives about 15 mins from there, so considering it as a destination. Thanks!

Fly more.
LSGY, Switzerland

Francazal is strictly PPR with reduced opening hours.
For Toulouse is you want IFR, I will go to LFBO (the big one)
Handling is not mandatory PPR neither. (No AVGAS)
They will park you on the Golf apron. You can exit/re enter via the old terminal.
Landing fee is not expensive and parking neither:

LFPT Pontoise, LFPB

Yes Toulouse LFBO is very GA friendly !

They will park you on the Golf apron. You can exit/re enter via the old terminal.

Do you know if that is still possible when the flight is from outside Customs territory? Shengen territor? or international? or does one have to go to the main terminal…

I was not sure what to say or do when to/from Spain in my last visit but no one seems to care about us getting out of the gate near the old tower (I know in other airports they care)

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Paris/Essex, France/UK, United Kingdom

Thanks for the info, gents! Current plan is to Muret-Lherm (LFBR) which seems to be perhaps a bit easier for my BIL to get to. I’m just trying to see if I can find a hangar there for a couple of days, otherwise I’ll need to tie down outside – also a bit easier at LFBR since they have some grass.

I have to say I love the idea of flying to LFBO – if I can get a hangar I might fly there anyway. I can’t see leaving my RV-8 on the ramp for a few days being blown around by the turboprops and bizjets.

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LSGY, Switzerland
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