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EuroGA 13-14 May 2017 Fly-In Roskilde EKRK / Copenhagen

Guys – you should consider restaurant M*A*S*H instead of Beefstou. Well worth it.


It is a bit late to be changing this. The problem is that on our flyins we are not charging some booking fee like the €200+ which most type specific groups (and other events) charge, so few people commit early on and everybody keeps their options open, in case they need to cancel because the cat needs to be taken to the vet, etc

As the old joke goes…

Michael has done a great job organising this part. That restaurant has salads too

Personally I eat almost no meat these days but I am sure the salad options will be fine.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I’m perfectly fine with the restaurant. Humans are meant to eat meat

The term “vegan” has been discredited by the association with various forms of ideology e.g. saving all living things (even ants), left wing politics, wearing plastic shoes, etc

Consequently many people who really ought to drop or at least greatly reduce meat and dairy (there is a clear connection with heart disease and all kinds of other stuff e.g. cancer which positively loves the growth hormones in cow milk) won’t touch veg.

A better way to call it is “plant based” and that doesn’t rule out eating anything else on an occassional basis That’s what I do. Anyway, it is really hard to eat mostly veg when travelling, etc, due to limited time and options.

Just my opinion

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I just spoke to Ops at EKRK and they have an email address we can use for the 1 hr PPR:

[email protected]

It works, I’ve had a reply!

Spending too long online
EGTF Fairoaks, EGLL Heathrow, United Kingdom

Unfortunately I have to cancel since my aircraft is stuck waiting for a 100 hr inspection which will not be done until next week.

I’m really disappointed since this is the first EuroGA fly-in at a reasonable distance from my home base. Oh well, maybe some time in Helsinki or Norway…

@Michael_J, take note.

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden


thanks for the PPR email – I was wondering if they had one

Cambridge EGSC

Roskilde Flying Club has produced this guide on local transportation to and from EKRK.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

lenthamen wrote:

I’m perfectly fine with the restaurant. Humans are meant to eat meat

I have eaten there, it is good. I am sure you will all have a great time.

EGTK Oxford

still possible joining the Fly-In ?

LSZE, LSZR, LSZH, Switzerland
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