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Fly to ski

Why not Salzburg and a car rental! 30-60 Minutes and you can ski. No parking problem, friendly and not to expensiv.


I can't speak for experience (have never flown to altiports, etc) but firstly some may not have Customs. Most notably, Courchevel has lost Customs, which means no more flights to/from the UK. In fact I can't believe the French have done that, because it cuts out not only the Brits but also the Russians, the Swiss, etc. All for the cost of one part-time policeman... it just doesn't make sense. And his workload will be exceedingly limited; let's face it, nobody is going to be smuggling 18 Vietnamese immigrants in the back of a PC12

The extent to which an IR helps is same as ever i.e. the flight itself becomes much simpler if you have a high performance aircraft, oxygen (or pressurisation), and were able to climb to VMC on top on departure, but you still need VMC conditions to cancel IFR at the end of the enroute leg at say FL150 overhead the airport, and get yourself into a position to land.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

You could try Sion, LSGS. It has customs and there's plenty of ski ressorts in the area.

Note that there is currently a temporary 24h PPR notice because of limited parking (they are doing some construction near the taxiway).

I'll be happy to answer any questions regarding LSGS as I have flown there many times.

How about Annecy - LFLP?


As a fairly regular visitor there, I would say go to Annecy then ski at La Clusaz.

Just beware of the practical problems in terms of weather; if there's no hangarage available (the aero club might be the best chance) then you might have a de-icing job on your hands should you get snow while you're parked up.

Annemasse is fairly convenient for skiing, as is Geneva.

I don't know about Annemasse, but Geneve, Annecy, and Chambery are expensive airports, ring them to see, there is mandatory handling.

Darley Moor, Gamston (UK)

If my memory serves me right, Annemasse is totally French speaking.


I have experience flying to Courchevel, Chambery, Lyon-Bron, Annecy and Annemasse. Basically, Courchevel is out as you need a site license to fly there, which requires training up front with a local instructor. I have found Chambery to be quite convenient. However, you should be very careful in winter as to state that you do not want ANY handling. The (non-manditory) handling charges in winter can go up to 1000 euro per landing as that is what they charge the Russians flying into Chambery in wintertime. However, you can land there without these charges and park at the apron next to the aeroclub. Landing charges are cheap (e.g. about 25 euro for a Cirrus SR22T). Alternative is Annecy or Annemasse. Annecy has an approach. With Annemasse you can follow the ILS of Geneva and when visual break out to the left to land at Annemasse. Lots of opportunities there.

EDLE, Netherlands

I often fly into Saanen Switzerland, LSGK. Has Custums, good skiing and reasonable prices to fly with a skiplane to the ski slopes of Verbier.

EDTQ / Sarentino

There are no charges for smaller aircraft (like a SR22) in winter at Chambery but only if you announce up front that you do not want ANY handling and state it also when landing. When asking for fuel as for assistance, but state again that you do not want any handling and ask for parking at the aerodrome apron. Then, you might see the Russians coming in in the weekend paying 1000 euro for handling with their Citations while you are parked on the GA apron and don't have to pay.

Be aware though. I have been once on an IFR flight in the evening into Chambery and while enroute the refused all of a sudden to accept me. I assume that they opted for the paid arrival of a Russian jet orso. So, I had to divert to Lyon-Bron (LFLY) which normally is not a big deal as it has a Kyriad hotel right next to the runway. However, now there are this EXPO going on and all the hotels in the Lyon area were fully booked.

By the way, if you do go to Lyon-Bron, don't forget to have diner either at Brasserie Georges (cheap good French food and an experience of its own) or go to Paul Bocuse (3 star Michelin, the best chef most likely of France).

EDLE, Netherlands

I can recommend St.Johann in Austria. The Airport is LOIJ. You habe the option to go skiing in St.Johann or go to fancy Kitzbühel.

No customs in LOIJ!

EDMA, Germany
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