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Quick trip to Milan

I did some asking around for quotes for a DA42 for one night parking at the Milan airports, just to make others aware. Handling charges are $$$$$. From previous reports there may be a (relatively) reasonable option at LIME but LIMC/LIML are certainly very expensive and LIME isn’t going to be cheap either.

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Sky 387
Universal 440
Argos didn’t ask

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Sky didn’t ask
Universal 490
Argos 441

Airport Global Services didn’t ask
GA/ BGY executive handling 325
BGY international services didn’t ask


Around fifteen years ago I was based at Linate, parking was under 5€, and some nominal charges for landing, less than 10€! A Ruritarian collection of different uniforms received you (Carabinieri, Guarda di Finanza, Polizia di Milano, a few other recondite services) and I swear there were summer and winter uniforms. Il bel paese, wonderful country and still have fond memories of my time there.

A few years ago visited Linate in some more glamorous equipment, and I don’t think there was change from €1k

Oxford (EGTK), United Kingdom

BGY International Services

Ask them at rit.ops(at) – I’ve always used them and they’ve always been the cheapest. Last time my handling there was €120, January 2022.

The other option is Milano Bresso LIMB.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

Bresso (LIMB) is very good if the weather is nice.
Inexpensive, they have Jet A1.
Don’t forget the form on their website for PPR


LFPT Pontoise, LFPB

+1 for LIMB. No instrument approach but if coming IFR ATC will take you down to 2000 feet. Departures can sometimes be hard if trying to pick up an IFR clearance in the air, I’m usually half way to the Alps before they let me climb, which in the summer results in a challenging profile.


Flying to LIMB, which I definitely suggest, you can also request to radar to break clouds at Linate LIML flying the ILS or RNP approach, then break off to the left (obviously canceling IFR) and follow the route through the 2 points W2 and W1 to exit their CTR, and direct LIMB. This last VFR part can be flown at 2000 ft or lower, which usually works in that area unless you go on a bad day.
LIML is usually much more accommodating for an IFR approach than Malpensa LIMC.

For Linate, I heard that handling with Sky Services is the cheapest. Never tried myself nor checked, so it’s to be confirmed, but someone told me about 50 EUR handling fee which, compared to expectations at that airport, feels very decent.

EHLE LIMB, Netherlands
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